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Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick- a cream foundation worth trying

Let me preface this post by saying that I’m not a fan of cream foundations. I’ve tried offerings from various brands in the past but have always found them to be too heavy and quite hard to manipulate on the skin. I wasn’t looking to try this foundation and I wouldn’t have tried it if the girl at the Tom Ford counter hadn’t given me a sample when I was purchasing something else. I told her my issues with cream foundations but she was insistent that the Tom Ford Traceless Stick Foundation was different.


What Tom Ford says:
An essential tool in Tom Ford’s makeup regimen. Rich in hydrants, this foundation stick’s unique cream formula creates a flawless and smooth finish. Portable and precise, it achieves versatility of sheer, medium or full coverage, always beautifully natural and undetectable. Or, when used as a concealer, it swiftly diminishes imperfections.

What I say:
This foundation stick is actually really different to other cream foundations I’ve tried in the past. The thing that really differentiates it is that it seems thick when you first take some out of the container but, as you start to work with it, it becomes very emollient and almost liquid-like. This foundation has a lot of slip to it and feels smooth and weightless when applied.


Even though it’s advertised that a sheer coverage is possible with this, I feel like this is definitely a medium to full coverage foundation. As you can see it evens my skin tone and goes a long way to covering the imperfections on my face. With the right application, it could also be used as a concealer and some people apparently use it under the eye. I personally think it’s too thick for the under eye but that’s personal preference.


This foundation definitely has a very dewy look for a cream foundation and maybe that’s because of all the ‘hydrants’. It has quite a long dry down time but it doesn’t seem to oxidise on the skin which is a plus. It does seem ‘traceless’ from a distance but I feel like the pigments aren’t as fine as with liquid foundations so it doesn’t give that second skin look that I like and, to me, it’s noticeable on the skin.

Maybe I just haven’t found the right application method yet but so far I’ve tried various brushes, fingers and sponges and the effect still isn’t what I like in a foundation.


Wear time:
I have combination skin with a tendency to get very shiny across the centre of my face. This foundation stays on my skin if the conditions are right but, for the most part, it’s a battle to get it to stay on throughout the day. The main reason is because the foundation sits on top of my skin rather than really melding with it so, once I start to get oily, it just comes right off.

It was a pretty mild day when I took these pictures so there were no major issues but I’ve worn it on days when the weather was quite high and this just came right off. I set this foundation with powder and then didn’t blot or touch up during the day and you can see how shiny I looked by the end of the day. The foundation wore off on my nose and chin and looks patchy because of that.



One of the issues I have with cream foundations is that, as they’re usually thicker, the colour match has to be pretty perfect or the effect becomes mask like. The shades that I got given were ( I think) Praline and Toffee. One is too dark and the other too light but I can get a pretty good match if I mix the both.

I compared them to some other foundations in my collection below. There is a lot of variation in the shades but most of them still work on my skin tone. The only one that I struggle to use on my skin tone is the Kevyn Aucoin one as it’s very thick and opaque and ends up looking too light and gives me that mask effect I talked about.


From Left to right: Tom Ford Praline, Mixed, Tom Ford Toffee, Prolongwear nc42, Make Up For Ever HD Foundation 153, Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer SX11, Illamasqua Skin Base #12, Estee Lauder Doublewear 5W1 Warm Bronze

Final thoughts:

I think this is the best cream foundation that I’ve tried and it’s probably something that I would have loved a few years ago when I was obsessed with heavier coverage foundations. Now, I prefer foundations which are light to medium coverage which have more fluidity to them so I don’t think I’ll be purchasing this myself but I would recommend it.

This is definitely better for those with normal to dry skins though so I would pass if you have oily skin, otherwise be prepared to touch up throughout the day.

The price is probably thing that will eventually make most of you decide whether to get it or not and at $110AUD/$78USD this foundation isn’t cheap and is priced above most high end foundations. I think this is a luxurious foundation and if you’re looking to splurge, it’s worth looking at.

What do you think of this product? Have you tried it?