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Beauty on a Budget: Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in Classy Nude and Modern Mauve

I’ve been lemming the Dior Serum De Rouge lipsticks for ages but I could never justify spending the money on a product that makes no claims to longevity and contains less lipstick than usual. That’s why I was really excited when I saw these suspiciously similar looking lipsticks by Milani and decided to give them a try.

The packaging looks very similar to the Dior one and is a long skinny tube that clicks product up as you twist the bottom. It also makes the same clicking noise when you twist the product down.

I decided to buy the colours (left to right) Classy Nude and Modern Mauve.

Classy nude is a very sheer nude colour that tones down the pigmentation on my lips slightly but for the most part just makes my lips look glossy.

Modern Mauve is a raspberry pink colour that is also relatively sheer but more pigmented than the nude shade. This is a great summer shade and an easy way to wear a brighter lip that isn’t too much effort.

I don’t know what the ‘HD’ aspect of these lipsticks is but they feel very moisturising on the lips. The glossy/moisturising properties means that they don’t last long which is a shame since they contain quite a bit less product than normal (1.8g versus 3.4g in a standard Milani lipstick). I find myself reapplying these quite often and use these in the same way I’d use a lip balm or gloss rather than how I use a lipstick.

The product has a really strong watermelon smell that reminds me of lipsmackers which I actually really like! It’s not a scent that makes me feel nauseous like some other brands (I’m talking to you NYX Round Lipsticks!). All in all I really like these lipsticks and think they’re a good summer product since they’re easy to wear and keep your lips hydrated.

I purchased mine from for $8.99 US each.

Have you tried these or the Dior version? What do you think of them?


Beauty on a Budget: Milani Colour Perfect Lipstick in Mandarina and Rose Hip

Despite not having a steady income, I haven’t been able to give up my shopping addiction and have instead resorted to trying out budget brands and products that I’ve been ignoring. I’m glad I have because it means that I’ve found some real gems like these Milani Color Perfect Lipsticks. I picked up the colours Rose Hip and Mandarina which are gorgeous bright shades which are perfect for summer!

Left to right: Rose Hip, Mandarina

Left to right: Mandarina, Rose Hip

Mandarina is a gorgeous bright orange shade which feels lovely and mositurising on the lips. It’s a very close dupe to MAC Neon Orange and a cheap way to test out the bright orange trend if you’re not too sure about it.

Rose Hip is a fabulous shocking pink shade which is a very close dupe for NARS Schiap. I’m going to be doing some dupe posts soon so I’ll swatch these colours side by side.

You should be able to tell by the swatches that these lipsticks are super pigmented. They go on really nicely and they don’t dry out my lips. These lipsticks do have a scent which smells a bit artificial and fruity to me but I don’t find it offensive and I’m easily put off by scents in lip products. I can’t speak for the wear time on these as I’ve only worn them for short periods of time but they seem promising!

I purchased mine from for $4.99 US each.

Beauty on a Budget: Milani Liquif’Eye Metallic Eye Pencils

I recently picked up the Milani Liquif’Eye Metallic Eye Pencils and I have to say that I’m in love with them! They are literally the creamiest pencils I have ever tried and I think they’re even softer than my HG Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencils which is saying alot! They come in 5 different colours: Silver, Aqua, Brown, Gold and Black and while they’re called ‘Metallic’ only the Aqua, Silver and Gold have any noticeable metallic-ness (sorry for the made up word!) to them.

I purchased mine from while they were on sale but they normally cost $5.49 US on the site. If you live in Australia you can also purchase them from but on that site they’ll run you $14.95 AUD and they only stock the black, brown and gold pencils.

Here are some swatches and even though I’m sure you can work out which is which I’ll just tell you that from left to right they are the: Brown, Black, Aqua, Gold and Silver

The colours are amazing and I love them all except maybe the brown which isn’t as rich as I was hoping it would be. The gold pencil literally looks like liquid gold when you apply it and it’s amazing on the eyes. I don’t wear alot of silver so I haven’t really worn the Silver pencil yet but I love the colour and I think it would look lovely on. The black is really pigmented and I think it’s the blackest pencil I own save for an authentic kohl product I have from India. I saved the Aqua for last because it’s my favourite. It’s the most beautiful shade of aqua/teal I’ve seen and it looks amazing on the eyes, especially against a darker skin tone.

I took a photo of the Milani pencils compared with some other liners I own so you could get an idea of how the shades relate to other brands.

Top row: Rimmel Soft Kohl pencil in Sable, Smashbox Limitless Eye Pencil in Onyx, Rimmel Soft Kohl pencil in Jungle Green, the peach/gold side of Rimmel two-tone eye definer in It Girl, Smashbox Limitless eye pencil in Graphite
Middle Row: Milani Liquif’Eye pencils in Brown, Black, Aqua, Gold and Silver
Bottom Row: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eye pencils in Corrupt, Zero, Covet and Eldorado and MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl.

One of the main things I love about these pencils apart from their creamy texture is how long they last. They give you enough time to smudge them if you want but once they dry they don’t budge which is awesome! To show you what I mean I have the same swatches as above except this time I rubbed all of them quite a bit. You can see that the Milani ones in the middle row have not moved! What surprised me is that they seem to be even more budge proof than the Urban Decay pencils.

So I know I’ve talked these up but they also have some cons and I have to say that the creamy texture, while fantastic, also works against these pencils. They’re so soft that the tip tends to bend and break off which is super annoying! I haven’t had to sharpen these yet but I imagine you’d struggle to get a sharp tip with them. To get a more precise application of these I usually use a liner brush and rub the product on to it and then use the brush to apply it to my eyes.

I’ve also found that the extremely creamy texture means that these don’t last very long at all on my waterline. This probably isn’t the products fault because my waterline is, well, extra watery (lol) but my Urban Decay pencils seem to last a bit longer when applied in the same way. I don’t use pencils on my waterline very often so this isn’t a major issue for me but maybe it’s something to consider for yourself.

All in all I think these are fantastic and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better product for the price and I wouldn’t hesitiate to buy more if Milani releases new colours. What do you think of them? Let me know below!