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Perfect match: Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

I’m always excited when I finally get to try something I’ve been hearing rave reviews about but there’s always the possibility that someone else’s rave product will be the one that lands in my ‘rant’ category. No need to worry though because Makeup Forever HD Foundation lives up to the hype (in my eyes at least) and firmly lands itself in my favourites category.

The packaging is functional and simple with a sturdy plastic bottle with the all important pump included. The pump is one of the good ones too which dispenses the right amount of product every time with one pump of product usually enough to cover my whole face.

The colour match is fantastic as well. I picked up shade 153 and it has the perfect amount of yellow in it for my complexion which makes it one of the few foundation shades I can actually wear on its own! No complex mixing combinations required here which is why I’ve been favouring it ever since I received it. Big thanks to my awesome friend for picking it up for me while she was in the US! For comparison, I’m usually an NC42 in MAC.

The foundation consistency is pretty light weight and I consider this to be a medium-buildable coverage foundation. It’s easy to get a sheer application by using less product or you can also get more coverage by applying a bit more product. 1 to 1.5 pumps is the most I’ve been using and I’ve been really happy with the result. I apply it with my trusty synthethic Flat Top Kabuki from Sigma and find that I don’t even need concealer most days.

Here’s some before and afters to show you how it covers:

This leaves a natural finish on the skin but I still set it with powder. I find that without a primer, I get oily after a few hours around my t-zone but with a primer this isn’t such a problem. I didn’t notice any obvious oxidisation with this foundation which was fantastic as foundations with more coverage tend to oxidise quite a bit on me and leave me looking orange.

I know that this claims to be ‘invisible’ looking foundation but I don’t really think that’s true. I do think the pigment particles are quite a bit finer in this foundation so the end result is more natural than some other foundations (Studio Fix I’m looking at you!) but it’s not invisible. I still really like it though and I think it’s a great every day foundation but also works well for special occassions as it photographs well.

I give this foundation a big thumbs up and highly recommend it for those looking for a new foundation. It sells for $40 in the US and $59 here is Oz which is a pretty standard price for foundations.

What are your thoughts on the MUFE HD foundation? Is it a love it or leave it item for you? Let me know below!

You’re making me blush: Make Up For Ever HD Blush

So I finally received both of my Make Up For Ever HD blushes and I love them! They’re truly a unique product and the way they go on is amazing! It’s really hard to describe them because it’s a liquid blush but the finish is almost powder like but it doesn’t just sit on top of your skin like a powder but sort of sinks in like a cream. Phew that was a long description!

I purchased colours 3 and 12. Number 3 is also known as Truth or Dare (on the Sephora website) and Fushcia (on the MUFE website) and it’s basically a hot pink with slightly blue undertones. Number 12 is also known as First Kiss (on the Sephora website) and as Mandarin (on the MUFE website) and is a bright apricot colour. Here’s a picture of the containers they come in:

Here’s one thing that I knew but was still surprised by: the tiny size. Here’s a picture with them next to a MAC lipstick to give you an idea of how small they are:

See, these things are miniscule! While it’s easy to feel slightly ripped off when you see the size, I think that once you use them you can see that these little gems are going to last you a long time because you only need a tiny amount of product. And I stress the tiny amount because you literally need a drop the size of a grain of rice for both cheeks or even less depending on how sheer you want the colour. Here are some colour swatches. The first dot is how it looks first pumped out of the bottle, the second swatch is how the product looks swatched heavily and the last is how they look when blended out:

As you can see, it is quite easy to apply too much colour and end up looking clown like so using a small amount of product and blending are key to achieving a natural flush of colour. Trust me when I say that it is possible to achieve a natural flush and despite how bright these colours look, they can be sheered out a lot. The hot pink surprised me the most as I didn’t think I’d be able to pull of such a cool toned colour but it actually looks really natural when on. The apricot colour is just gorgeous on tan to dark skin tones because oranges just brighten your face and make you look all glowy and healthy. The colours I chose are definitely for those who have medium tan to dark skin so all you fair skinned girls better go with one of the lighter shades.

These blushes are a bit tricky to work with so you may need to play around with them a few times to work out your perfect application method but it’s worth the effort because these blushes just sink right in and I swear you look like you’re naturally blushing. I will say these perform the best on bare skin though so that’s the preferred way of wearing them but don’t despair if you’re like me and have to wear concealer on your cheeks due to scarring because there is definitely a way to rock this blush in a way that looks awesome.

Due to my scarring and the need to conceal said scarring, I struggled to get the right amount of colour over my makeup as I didn’t have the ability to blend the product out as much as I would have liked. The way I found to work for me is to put this blush on before I put on my foundation or concealer or sometimes I put it on top of my foundation but before my concealer. Doing this means that my makeup stays in tact and it also helps tone down the blush if I accidentally apply too much. This method works perfectly with the colours I chose as they are so bright and pigmented but if you choose a more subtle shade then you may need to find a way to sort of pat the colour in on top of your makeup which is possible.

In terms of application, I’ve found that using your fingers is the best way to go but I’ve also tried putting these on with my MAC 130 brush (which I’m loving for cream blushes by the way) and it works quite nicely. I’ve also tried these with a standard foundation brush like the MAC 190 and that work ok too but I would use this type of brush more if I wanted to pat the colour on top of my foundation. In terms of wear time, these last quite a long time and I don’t experience a lot of colour fading like I do with powder blushes some times but I’ll update about the wear time once I’ve used them for longer.

Despite how great this blush is, it has one thing working against it and that’s the packaging shown below:

This blush comes in a pump tube which is great because it’s sanitary but it’s bad because the pump releases way too much product and can lead to you wasting a whole bunch of product if you’re not careful. The container itself has a note on it that says to press lightly which highlights this design flaw. It is possible to work around this issue though and the way to do so is by pressing the pump down slightly and very slowly until you see some product come out. The amount that comes out is generally how much I need for 1 cheek. If you decided to do a full pump you’d end up with enough product to cover your whole face and then some! I know some people have found it easier to pump out some product into a seperate jar and use it from that but these do have a tendency to dry out so if you choose to go this route, make sure you only pump out enough for a few days at a time.

All in all I think these blushes are definitely worth trying out and I think that the flaws in the packaging are more than made up for by the product itself so go get blushing with some Make Up For Ever blush if you can!

Assignments, bribery and Makeup Forever HD Blush

It’s getting to that time of the semester where any motivation I had goes right out the window and I need to find ways to bribe myself to make it through to the end. Right now the only thing getting me through finishing an assignment I have due tomorrow is the thought that once it’s done I can buy myself one/some Makeup Forever HD Blushes.

Due to a major breakout I had a few weeks back a lot of my blushes weren’t really working for me and I was looking around for a product that would act like a natural flush of colour and that’s when I came across the Makeup Forever HD blushes .

Even as a non-liquid blush girl, I swear my heart skipped a beat in that ‘got to have it’ kind of way when I laid eyes on these. There is something about them that just called to me! There are so many colours available but I’ve narrowed down my selections and the three I decided on are:

First kiss (such a cute name!) which is colour #12 and is described as bright apricot:Quickie which is colour #6 and is described as a salmon pink: And last but not least is Truth or Dare which is colour #3 and is described as a hot pink:

Apart from Quickie, these colours are really out of my usual comfort zone. I don’t know why but of late I have been craving bright fuschias and hot pinks and loud oranges and summery corals. I really feel like experimenting with my makeup and buying more youthful colours and products while I still can.

I’ve been sticking to powder blushes until now because I always thought that cream and liquid blushes were for those with perfect skin. I have quite a lot of scarring on my cheeks due to breakouts and the like so it means that I have to be careful with blush application or risk drawing more attention where it’s not wanted. More scars = more concealer which means the tendency for products to stick to areas where your concealer is and leave unsightly patches.

I’ve come to realise that cream and liquid blushes could be the solution to my problem and that all I really have to do is tweak my application technique to make it work for my skin. I came to this realisation after I started using the NARS Orgasm Illuminator (another product I thought you needed to have perfect skin to use) under my foundation and saw how pretty it looked. I figure that I can do the exact same thing with these blushes and get a pretty result. I assume that wearing the blush under my foundation will even help get a more natural look in the case of the bright apricot and hot pink blushes which may come across too garish otherwise.

The only thing standing in the way of my purchase (apart from the completion of my assignment) is the price tag. The only site that sells Makeup Forever in Australia is charging $51 AUD for a bottle which is ridiculous when you find out that they sell for only $24 in the US. I think I may have possibly found a way around the price problem but I’ll keep you posted. I really wish that Sephora would just start shipping to Australia already! It’s such a pain seeing all these awesome products that I either can’t buy or that I know I could get for half or even a third of the price if I bought it from them.

Oh well, back to the grindstone. Wish me luck!

UPDATE 14/7/10: So my plan that I was attempting to carry out was to find one of those sites that gave you a US postal address so I could make use of all the US only discounts and prices and then have my items shipped over together but that fell through 😦 I kept trying to find one that was reasonable enough in price to sign up to but the ones that were seemed too good to be true and from experience when things seem that way, they usually are too good to be true so I decided against it.

It’s not all bad news though because I managed to find 2 of the colours I wanted ( #3-Truth or Dare and #13- First Kiss) on Ebay for a relatively good price. So instead of forking out $100+ on the two blushes, I managed to pick them up for a bit less than $80 all up. I’m pretty pleased! I’ve already received Truth or Dare and I’m loving it and the other should come soon. As soon as it arrives and I’ve worn them for a little bit I’ll definitely be doing a review but so far they look very promising!