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Lip of the Day- Kardashian Beauty En-Joystick Lip Lacquer in Love Hangover

I’ll be posting up a review on the Kardashian Beauty range of lipsticks very soon but here’s a teaser of sorts. I really like this shade, Love Hangover, which is a very wearable metallic nude shade on my lips. I find myself pairing it often with this style of radiant looking makeup.



2013 Favourites- Lips & Cheeks

This was one of the hardest categories to narrow down because I own many lip and cheek products that I love. I tend to use particular ones more depending on the season, look and event that I’m going to. Since this is meant to be a favourites post, I’ve picked the products I’m just as happy to wear to work as I am to a night out.


Favourite Lip Balm- EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm

I alternate between these and the Burt’s Bees lip balms but ever since I restocked while travelling in the States, these are what I’ve been applying non-stop. In the picture above I’ve got the Honeysuckle Honeydew, Lemon Drop and Summer Fruits flavours  but have tried the Strawberry Sorbet and Sweet Mint in the past. I really like mint so the Sweet Mint is probably my favourite but I don’t find any of the scents overpowering. The texture on these is really lovely and my lips stay nice and moisturised.

Favourite lipgloss- Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Bare Beige

I have a soft spot for Laura Mercier products and think they really don’t get the hype they deserve. They are such fantastic staple products and you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into them because they just work. I’ve always loved Laura Mercier brushes and concealing products and was obsessed with the tinted lip balms for a very long time and this gloss is now joining the ranks. It’s the perfect nude for my skin tone because it’s not too nude, it’s not sticky and I can wear it all day and my lips feel moisturised.


Favourite Budget lipstick- Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in Vivid Rose

I discovered Maybelline lip products last year and haven’t looked back. Budget never looked and felt so great. The Color Sensational range in general is really pigmented with sophisticated colour choices you might have previously only seen from high end brands. This shade in particular, Vivid Rose, is one that I keep wearing because it’s a really flattering shade on my skin tone and looks just as good dressed down as it does dressed up.

Favourite High End lipstick- Guerlain Rouge G lipstick in Garconne

Guerlain Rouge G’s are my favourite luxury lip product from packaging to texture and this shade is my favourite from all the Rouge G’s I own. It’s the only shade I can consider coming close to my fallen favourite, Chanel Dragon Rouge Allure Laque. It’s feel really comfortable and light on the lips but is packed with pigment. They are pricey but if you want to treat yourself, this is the way to go.

Favourite Blush- NARS Powder Blush in Gina

This was the blush I kept reaching for day after day in 2013 because it’s easy to wear and works well with almost any colour look. It’s give a really pretty peachy glow to my cheeks and the lack of shimmer means it looks really natural when worn. As a NARS blush, it is very pigmented but much easier to work with than some other shades because it isn’t as intense. It’s a great everyday shade and I think it would lovely across many skin tones because it’s not too orange.

What are some of your lip and cheek product favourites?

Lip of the Day- Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle

First day wearing out Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle. My initial thoughts are that it feels great on the lips, is very pigmented and has a lovely subtle sheen through it which gives it a nice shine. Just really wish it had the same ‘click-click’ packaging as the Rouge Allures!



Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks- Vivid’s part 2

It’s been more than 6 months since I posted part 1 of the these swatches and I’m finally getting round to posting part 2. Sorry for the delay but hopefully they were worth the wait! I’m not going to review the formula again because I’ve already done that in my initial review and also in Part 1 of the vivid’s range.



The shades I’m swatching in this post are Fuchsia Flash, Vivid Rose and Hot Plum. As with the shades in part 1, all 3 of these shades are very opaque and packed with pigment which means that they do stain the lips.


From left to right: Fuchsia Flash, Vivid Rose, Hot Plum

First up is Fuchsia Flash which is blue toned bright pink. I don’t mind this shade, I actually thinks it’s quite pretty but, as it has a white base, I find that it isn’t as wearable for me as other pinks in my collection.



I compared it to some other blue toned pinks in my collection below. It’s cooler and a bit lighter than NARS Schiap. It’s quite similar to MAC Pink Pigeon except that Fuchsia Flash is glossier.


From left to right: Nars Schiap, Fuchsia Flash, MAC Pink Pigeon

Vivid Rose is a gorgeous bright pink which leans slightly red. I love these shades of pink and find them really flattering against my skin tone.



Vivid Rose is quite close to YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in Rose Culte but slightly lighter and not as glossy. I thought it may be similar to MAC Girl About Town but Vivid Rose is quite a bit warmer toned.


From left to right: MAC Girl About Town, Vivid Rose, YSL Rouge Volupte Rose Culte

Last but not least is Hot Plum and that’s the perfect name for it! It’s a bright plum colour that treads the line between lavender and pink perfectly. Even though this also has a white base, this depth of the shade makes it much more wearable for me than Fuchsia Flash.



I love these kind of shades because they have a blue iridescence running through them that just adds so much dimension. Hot Plum is the shade that would result if the other two lipsticks swatched below were mixed together. It’s cooler toned than Revlon Colorburst in Lollipop but warmer toned and more opaque than MAC Style Curve. It also doesn’t have as much of the blue iridescence of either shade but you can add some by using something like the MAC Reflects Blue glitter.


From left to right: Revlon Colorburst lip butter Lollipop, Hot Plum, MAC Style Curve

I really like the shades that I’ve swatched in both part 1 and part 2 of these reviews but I do find myself reaching more for those in this post. I’ve also got 2 more lipsticks which I picked up while travelling in the States but, seeing my track record, you’ll probably see those in another 6 months 😉

What’s your favourite from the Vivid’s range?

Lisa made me do it: dark Lips

I was watching Lisa Eldridge putting on makeup as I did my makeup this morning and was inspired  to rock a vampy lip. The video for Elle magazine was on how to wear bold lip colour’s and she used some great dark lipsticks. I’ve already done a post on some of my tips for pulling off dark lips here. 


I really wanted to wear my new Guerlain Rouge G Jewel lipstick in Gigolo so I paired it with NYX Cola lipliner to get the darkness that I was after. The liner is on its own is on the left and Gigolo on its own is on the right. Seriously, how amazing is Gigolo?? I love it! I bought the NYX lip liner for the purpose of creating a dark base to layer lighter lipsticks on top. As you can see below, wearing it on its own doesn’t really do much for me.


I am in love with the combination of both shades together. They create this really lovely vampy plum shade that’s intense yet flattering.

What do you think? What’s your favourite dark lip shade?

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks- Vivid’s part 1


Following up on my review of the Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks, here are swatches of some of the shades from the Vivid’s range.


The Vivid’s range consists of 10 shades which are very intense and bright and absolutely stunning! These are shades that could have come out of any high end lipstick range and are ones you don’t usually see at the drugstore.


I picked up 6 of the 10 shades but, for the sake of trying to keep this post some what short, I thought I’d divide the swatches across 2 posts. The shade’s I’m showing today are Shocking Coral, Electric Orange and Neon Red. All 3 of these shades are very opaque and packed with pigment which means that they do stain the lips (or skin if you’re a swatcher) so be prepared to exfoliate once you take these off.


from left to right: Shocking Coral, Electric Orange, Neon Red

They all feel great on the lips which I assume is due to the inclusion of lanolin, sesame seed oil and bees wax. That being said, these don’t moisturise your lips so, if you’re prone to dry lips, be sure to moisturise first.


They also last a good amount of time despite the formula so I can usually go at least 4 hours without reapplying. As I mentioned in my last post though, I do find I have to remove these and exfoliate my lips and then reapply after a few hours as I get a bit of build up on my lips for some reason.


Shocking coral is a really bright pink toned coral shade. It’s very warm but, due to the natural mauve tone and depth of pigmentation of my lips, it does tend to pull slightly cooler on me. This looks very different on those with lighter lips and there’s a level of translucency that is lost when it’s used on more pigmented lips. I still really like it though but find that I have to be more conscious of the rest of my makeup when I wear it.


From left to right: MAC Party Parrot, Shocking Coral, MAC Viva Glam Nicki, CK Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick in Delightful

I tried to find some shades that were similar to Shocking Coral but couldn’t find anything I owned which was a dupe. MAC Party Parrot was the closest but Party Parrot is a lot more neon and matte than Shocking Coral which means it’s not as easy to wear.


Electric Orange is a vibrant orange shade which is bright without being neon. It pulls slightly red and has a bit of depth to it which makes it very wearable. This is the type of  shade I would recommend to someone wanting to find an orange lipstick that isn’t garish.  It has a very brightening effect on my skin tone and I think it’s one of those perfect spring/summer shades.


I thought I’d be able to find a close match in my collection but a lot of my lipsticks in this shade range tend to have more red or pink to them.


From left to right: Loreal Caresse Lipstain Gloss in Princess, Electric Orange, Revlon Colorburst lip butter in Tutti Frutti, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Liberte

Neon Red is a very warm toned red that’s just this side of being an orange. It’s very opaque and, out of the 3 shades featured, is the one that truly shows an element of translucency on my lips.


Due to the depth of the shade, I also find it the easiest to wear out of all three and think it’s probably the most flattering.


I have quite a few reds in my collection but the three below are the closest I could find. The Loreal Caresse Lipstain Gloss in Princess (swatched in one of the pictures above) is also extremely close. The glossiness of Princess means that it’s actually probably the closest to Neon Red once the colour is built up on the lips.

I think all 3 of these shades are lovely and the quality to price ratio is amazing so you won’t really go wrong if you decide to pick any of these up.

Price: US $7.49/AUS $16.95 ( I bought mine on sale at Priceline for $10.17)