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Lip of the Day- Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle

First day wearing out Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle. My initial thoughts are that it feels great on the lips, is very pigmented and has a lovely subtle sheen through it which gives it a nice shine. Just really wish it had the same ‘click-click’ packaging as the Rouge Allures!



Lip of the Day- MAC Ruby Woo

This is my first time wearing Ruby Woo. Initital thoughts: love the colour but matte formulas are always less forgiving on the lips. Stay tuned for my review and swatches.



Rimmel Apocaliptic Lip Lacquers


I’m making my way to Canada and the USA next week so I promised myself that I would go on a spending ban but these Rimmel Apocalips glosses were just too good to pass up at $7.97 each. They’re currently on sale at Priceline but are still cheaper in the US at $4.99 each.


What are Apocalips?

Rimmel says:

‘It’s the End of Colour as you know it! The intense rich colour of a lipstick, enhanced by a satin smooth shine. It’s neither a lipstick nor a gloss… It’s BIGGER than both!’


This product seems to be Rimmel’s answer to the wave of lip lacquers that have been hitting the shelves but to me this is just a really opaque lip gloss. Luckily the tube has a really good stopper which takes a lot of product off the applicator before you apply. The applicator is self is a doe foot with a little scoop in it which traps the product.


I picked up the shades Solstice, Apocaliptic and Stellar which I’ve swatched below from left to right.


Solstice lip swatch:


This shade is not one that I would usually buy as it’s so tame but this rosey- mauve shade was just such a lovely ‘my lips but better’ shade that I couldn’t resist. It evens out my lip colour and gives a very demure look that I love. The formula also really works in this shade as it’s such a natural colour and I found it really easy to apply.


Apocaliptic lip swatch:


This is a shade that I had to get because I can never resist a bright pink! It’s such a lovely pink  as well that treads the line between red and pink. The formula of this makes this shade tricky to apply though and I struggled to get this on neatly with the included applicator.


Stellar Lip swatch:


This is such a lovely bright coral shade and perfect for spring/summer. I had the same application issues with this shade though due to how opaque the colour is.


There are two major issues that I have with this product- it doesn’t dry down at all and the smell is horrible! Even though this is marketed as a lip lacquer, it doesn’t function like any of the lip lacquers I love (YSL Glossy Stain, Loreal Caresse Lip Stain Gloss) as it has no staining power and it doesn’t have any lasting power. As you can see below, the colour has totally worn off after I drank some water.

You can try and fix this problem by applying a lip liner underneath like I always do when using a coloured lipgloss. The smell, on the other hand, can’t really be fixed so beware if you’re sensitive to scents in lip products! The smell is some type of fruity scent but it’s not pleasant and I’ve had lots of people smell it and they seem to agree. The scent does go away after a while though so it’s bearable if you love the shade enough.


Overall I thought the product was ok but it didn’t rock my world. I did love the Solstice shade and assume that this formula will work well with any of the other more natural shades. With the very intense shades though, get out some lip liner and be prepared to touch up regularly unless you want to avoid eating and drinking through out the day!

Have you tried the Rimmel Apocalips range? What do you think?


Lisa made me do it: dark Lips

I was watching Lisa Eldridge putting on makeup as I did my makeup this morning and was inspired  to rock a vampy lip. The video for Elle magazine was on how to wear bold lip colour’s and she used some great dark lipsticks. I’ve already done a post on some of my tips for pulling off dark lips here. 


I really wanted to wear my new Guerlain Rouge G Jewel lipstick in Gigolo so I paired it with NYX Cola lipliner to get the darkness that I was after. The liner is on its own is on the left and Gigolo on its own is on the right. Seriously, how amazing is Gigolo?? I love it! I bought the NYX lip liner for the purpose of creating a dark base to layer lighter lipsticks on top. As you can see below, wearing it on its own doesn’t really do much for me.


I am in love with the combination of both shades together. They create this really lovely vampy plum shade that’s intense yet flattering.

What do you think? What’s your favourite dark lip shade?

A tale of Dragons and Pirates: Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous in Pirate

When Temptalia broke the news more than a year ago that my favourite red lipstick Chanel Dragon was being discontinued, I think I went into some type of denial because the news didn’t actually sink in. It wasn’t until literally a year later that it clicked that this shade was no longer available which caused me to go into a bit of a frenzy trying to track down some backups. Unfortunately this was all to no avail as all the counters I tried had run out of stock or returned what they had.


What’s a beauty blogger to do? Look for a dupe of course! This started off a somewhat obsessive week of researching and analyzing online swatch after swatch to find something that might compare. I have some contenders in mind but I decided to start with a shade from the newly released Rouge Allure Luminous Intense range ( a reformulated substitute to the original Rouge Allure range). I picked up the shade Pirate and, with a name like that, I really couldn’t resist. The shade is a gorgeous blue based red that works well with my skin tone and I can already tell that it’ll be spending a lot of time on my lips!


The new Rouge Allures come in the same ‘click click’ packaging as the old (click the double c’s to open and again to shut) and no matter how many times I use it, it never gets old!


I’ve tried all the various formulas of Rouge Allure’s (original,  extrait de gloss, laque and velvet) and I’ve loved everything I’ve tried because Rouge Allure is synonymous with quality and excellence and the new Luminous Intense range doesn’t disappoint.  The texture of the lipstick is so light that I find myself forgetting that I’m wearing such an intense shade until I catch a glimpse in the mirror. The weightless feel on the lips has not resulted in a comprise in pigmentation with the shade reaching full opacity with very little effort. The finish on this is a lovely satin sheen and, while it’s not a drying formula, it doesn’t moisturise the lips. I find it very comfortable to wear and can get a good few hours without retouching if I’m not eating or drinking.


I really like the brightening effect blue based reds like Pirate have on my warm toned complexion.


No matter how gorgeous Pirate is though, it just doesn’t compare to Dragon and you’ll be able to see why very easily by taking a look at the swatches below. Pirate (on the left) just doesn’t have the same intensity and depth (not to mention the gorgeous micro shimmer) that makes Dragon the ultimate special occasion red. Don’t let that put you off Pirate though because it’s still one fantastic red and, unlike Dragon, it’s a red you can actually buy right now without having to pay ridiculous eBay prices!


In the picture’s below I’m wearing Pirate on the left and Dragon on the right.



I’m probably being too hard on poor Pirate since I feel like a solid lipstick just doesn’t have the capacity to achieve the result of the liquid Dragon no matter how hard it tries. There’s an impressive array of reds in the Luminous Intense range so I might be able to find a better contended but for now the next shade on my Rouge Allure Luminous Intense hit list is the pretty pink Exaltee.  Every bright lipstick lover knows that a girl can never have too many amazing reds or bright pinks!

What do you think of Pirate? Have you tried any shades from the Rouge Allure Luminous Intense range? Also let me know if you have any dupes to Chanel Dragon!

Face of Australia Sheer Gloss Lip Crayon- Review, swatches & FOTD

I’m a little late to the party with this post because the Face of Australia Sheer Gloss Lips Crayons have been out for a while. They were released as a limited edition item but I’m not sure how long they’ll be out for. I picked mine up at my local Big W store about 2 months ago and there was plenty in stock from what I could tell. I haven’t been by lately though so hopefully they’re still around because they’re pretty fantastic and I can see them becoming a Spring/Summer staple.

The crayons come in a pack of 3 for $14.95 and they hold more than a passing resemblance to the infamous Clinique Chubby Sticks. I haven’t actually tried the Clinique version apart from some quick swatching here and there as I walk past the Clinique counter but these seem really similar in terms of texture.

They come in the same twist up crayon style as the Clinique Chubby Sticks which is a blessing if you’re like me and can never get the whole pencil sharpening thing to work for you.

What I love about this product is that if you twist the product all the way up out of curiousity, it does wind all the way back down again. Not all twist products work in this way (even though they really should) so I’m always glad when a brand uses some common sense in their packaging!

The three included shades are Macaron ( a sheer red), Cupcake (a light pink) and Sundae ( a mauve brown). All three are really nice shades and I can see everyone finding at least one colour they love despite their skin tone. They all feel really great on the lips as well offering a really nice moisturised glossy finish. They’re all scented and, while I prefer the fruity scents of the Clinique Chubby Sticks, I don’t hate the sweet scent these have.

Here’s the standard lip swatch photo. The photo on the top left is a picture of my lips minus any product. The shades are all sheer but they still offer enough pigmentation that they do a decent job covering the pigmentation on my lips. My favourite out of the lot is Sundae (top right) as it’s my perfect my lips but better shade.

The picture below shows me wearing Sundae. One of my favourite things about these crayons is how easy they are to wear, no mirror required. What annoys me about them though is that they only come in the three pack so you can’t just stock up on one shade. The shade range itself is also very limited with the three shown being the only three available so far. I really hope FOA see the following these lip products have and make them permanent and decide to sell them individually (hopefully without increasing the price) and add a wider shade range. For the price though and the way these apply, I highly recommend picking up a pack if you see it.

What do you think of these lip crayons?