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Holiday Haul

I just got back from Thailand which is why I haven’t been posting these last 2 weeks. If I was organised I would have set up some auto posts but I’m very much a last minute type of girl! I went away with my friend Becks who’s getting married in August and the rest of her bridesmaids. It was such a fabulous trip full of lots of food, shopping and massages and I only wish it could have lasted longer!

I’d been looking forward to this trip for so long and I cut down my makeup spending before I left because I wanted to do some guilt free shopping over there. The first few days I couldn’t find any makeup to save my life but once I did, I bought up big! The only thing I didn’t manage to get was some YSL Glossy Stains.

Here’s a photo of some of what I walked away with:

From the pile above, the firm favourites so far are my MAC Face and Body Foundation, NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser and the Bioderma cleansing water. I have reviews and swatches coming for most of the items pictured above as well as the Shiseido Perfect Foundation brush which I forogt to photograph.

Have you got any recent hauls you want to share? Let me know below because I love hearing about what people are buying!

Back To Blogging

Hello! Sorry for the lack of posting. I didn’t have access to the net for the last week of my trip and I’ve spent the last week that I’ve been back getting back into the swing of things but now I’m ready to get back into it.

So I know it’s normal for a beauty blogger to come back from holiday with a big makeup haul but technically I didn’t haul at all. I say technically because this is all the makeup I bought during the time that I was on holiday…

…except I didn’t buy most of this overseas and instead bought it during numerous hours of online shopping. I wasn’t able to go shopping for makeup while I was in Sri Lanka or even shopping in general so I spent quite a bit of time online.

It worked out quite well because I came back to lots of lovely unopened packages full of makeup goodies. I haven’t had a chance to swatch everything yet but I was enough of a good beauty blogger to photograph everything before I used it.

So far I’m loving everything I bought which include the Naked Palette, 2 Wet’n’Wild palettes, the infamous Dior Iridescent Leather quint, the Sleek Storm palette and a few Chanel and Dior lippies. I’m still deciding whether to swatch/review the palettes I bought since they’ve been reviewed to death but I’ll probably at least do a few EOTD’s/FOTD’s.

On a slightly unrelated note, I decided to put my Naked palette in my travel makeup bag when I stayed at my friends place over the weekend and managed to smash the mirror. 😐 I hate when that happens!

I’m looking forward to getting back into blogging including fixing up my layout which has gone haywire for some reason. One of the many reasons Blogger frustrates me!

Done any good hauling lately?

Coastal Scents Mini haul

I decided to order from Coastal Scents the other day because everyone raves on about how great these palettes are. I picked up the Original 88 palette, the Mirage palette, the 28 Neutral palette, 10 5gm jars, 10 little scoops, a synthetic blender brush and a crease brush.

Mirage 88 palette:

Original 88 palette:

28 Neutral palette:

I will be posting reviews and swatches for all the palettes but I wanted to get a feel for them first and see how they perform and whether I’d recommend them. If you have any of these palettes, I’d love to hear your thoughts below and what you think the best way is to use them to get the best colour payoff.

I’ll probably do a review on the brushes as well because I think I only paid like $2 or $3 for them so it would be awesome if they end up being a good alternative for those who can’t afford higher end brushes.

For any Aussies out there, do you know where I can buy empty 5gm or slightly bigger sample jars in Australia? I thought that they were something that were easy to find but I have gone to so many stores and no one sells them! It’s good to know that Coastal Scents sells them as a backup but I was hoping there were beauty supply stores that would stock these.

Bye Bye New Years Resolution: Cherry Culture and All Cosmetics Wholesale hauls

I swore to myself that I would curb my spending this year and that I would stop purchasing so much makeup but that lasted for about a week after New Years and then I was back to my old ways. I guess it’s hard to stop spending when you don’t actually stop looking out for what’s on sale because that way temptation lies. I think I’m going to have to start hoping for an out of sight out of mind type deal and just block myself from any and all makeup sites.

Anyway, I came home from an exam today to find two of my recent purchases sitting in my room. Don’t you love when your online purchases arrive after a difficult day? It’s like a reward for making it through πŸ™‚ I’d actually forgotten what I bought so it was extra exciting opening up the boxes and seeing what was inside.

Box number 1 contained a purchase from and I bought the MAC Pro Longwear foundation in NC42, TheBalm Time Balm concealer in Mid-Medium, MAC Mineralize loose powder foundation in Medium Dark, Estee Lauder Bronzing Pearls with retractable brush, MAC Antiqued eyeshadow, MAC 239 brush and samples of MAC 3D Copper glitter and Reflects Pearl glitter. I was also given a Loreal Bare Naturale Gentle Lip Conditioner as a free gift.

So far it all looks very promising except for the Estee Lauder Bronzing Pearls which weren’t really what I was expecting. I was thinking they’d be more like the Guerlain Meteorites and have a bit more shimmeriness to them but they’re don’t and the colour doesn’t make a difference on my skin tone. I’m thinking of holding a give away soon and I might include this in it because I’m not going to be getting any use out of it. I’ll probably put the Loreal lip conditioner in there too because this is the fourth one I’ve been given by this site in the exact same colour! I actually like it despite the weird Loreal smell that alot of their lip products contain but I still haven’t even finished one of these yet so it’s a waste for me to hang on to it.

Box number 2 was my purchase from Cherry Culture when they were having their Valentines Day sale about a week and a half ago where all their items were 20% off. I picked up all these things for about $50 which included shipping so I was pretty happy. I purchased the Milani Liquif Eye pencils in Black, Brown, Aqua, Silver and Gold, the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Pacific, Hot Pink, Yellow, Electric Blue, Purple Velvet and Rock Mountain Green and the NYX lipsticks in Snow White and Champagne. I was also given a Cherry Culture Bubblegum flavoured lip balm as a free gift.

I can’t wait to try out the Milani pencils because they get such awesome reviews plus I paid less than $5 for each compared with the $15 each that they would cost me in Australia. I’ve been looking for a really good silver and gold eye liner for the longest time so I hope these live up to the hype. I really wanted to buy more lipsticks from NYX but they have such a big range and the colour swatches on the site kind of suck so I just went with the two that I’ve heard recommended before.

Have any of you done any hauling recently? Are there any products in particular you want me to swatch/review? I’ll probably get to all of them eventually but I’m open to requests so leave me a comment below. πŸ™‚

To haul or not to haul (and where to haul)?

I recently resigned from my job because I decided that sometimes you’ve got to go against what’s rational in order to make room for something good in your life. It’s probably a big sign that it was time to leave when the only thing I regret about leaving is not having money for my makeup shopping.

Seeing as I only have 3 weeks of income left I decided I’d let myself do one more haul but I don’t know where. I’ve been lemming after some Sugarpill products big time and their gold loose pigment in Goldilux is calling my name. I’ve also been eyeing a few NARS products such as the Etrusque gold shadow from the holiday collection and the Funny Face lipstick.

Or should I skip out on the makeup and go for the Clarisonic Mia which I also really want? Also for any Aussies that are interested, you can get the Clarisonic Mia from for $145 US and $9.95 shipping. I feel like I’m always recommending this website but it’s one of the few places I know which are legitimate, sell products at US prices and ship internationally at a good price.

Sigh, there are just too many choices for which I have too little money lol. Also I just wanted to say that I don’t expect my blogging ability to suffer despite my lack of hauls because I still have a ton of stuff I haven’t posted about so hopefully you stick with me.

Back 2 Mac Mini Haul #2

I decided to do another Back to MAC mini haul post except this haul was over the course of 3 seperate visits which explains why 2 of the colours look so similar to each other. The four colours that I decided to get were Half’n’Half, Spirit, Sheer Plum and Rebel.

Here’s pictures of all 4 of them in the order mentioned above and swatches of them on my fingers:

You can see that Half ‘n’ Half and Spirit are very similar and that’s because they were purchased during my phase of wanting to pull off a nude lip. The first one I got was Half ‘n’ Half but when I tried it on at home I thought that the colour was way too pink. The next time I went in I asked for a nude that wasn’t so pink and I got given Spirit which was also not so great when I tried it on. I still haven’t worn either of these out because I think the colour on my lips is just really unflattering and makes me look really washed out. Here are some on lip swatches with a picture of my bare lips as comparison:

Bare Lips (with MAC Lip Treatment on):

Half ‘n’ Half:


I still haven’t been able to find a way to rock these but I’m thinking that I could probably pull them off if I layered them over a brown lipliner or something. I may also try putting a bit of gloss on top because the finish is a little bit too dry for me even though one is an Amplified Creme finish and the other is a Satin finish.

The next two lipsticks are from my most recent trip to my local MAC counter and I love them both. The first which is Sheer Plum was recommended to me by the MUA when I told her I was after a nice natural brown toned shade for my lips. I really adore this one and the finish is gorgeous. It’s a Lustre finish which means it’s a glossy shade that’s made to be a sheer to medium coverage. It’s very hydrating on the lips and it’s really easy to pull off. This is one of those colours that’s a great work friendly shade as it gives you colour without being offensive.

The second shade I picked up was Rebel and I chose this one because I saw another blogger wearing it and she looked amazing with it on her lips. It’s one of those shades that’s recommended as a must-have for darker skinned girls but I think it would look amazing on a wide range of skin colours because it is very pretty. I didn’t realise until I was taking the pictures but it turns out that the nailpolish I had on that day matched the lipstick very closely! The shade I’m wearing is OPI’s No Spain No Gain. Rebel is a Satin finish lipstick like Spirit but it feels much smoother and hydrating on the lips.

This shade may look like it’s very close to Girl About Town (which I included in my previous Back to Mac post) but it’s actually alot deeper in tone which is why I think it’s much easier to pull off. I’ve included the Girl About Town lip swatch below as a comparison.

I’m very excited to try wearing Rebel out somewhere soon because it’s such a gorgeous colour and maybe after wearing it I’ll get the courage to finally wear Girl About Town!