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~Metallic FOTD~ Antipodean Beauties Challenge


What I love about these weekly challenges is that it allows me to draw from my inspiration images and come up with looks that I might not necessarily wear anywhere else. For the metallic challenge, I knew that I wanted to do gold brows and lips and my inspiration for what I came up with were the looks below.


Dior Spring 2014 RTW (from


From Fendi Spring 2012 RTW (from


Amazing bright pink and gold lips (From

Here’s my interpretation:


The main players in this look were Sugarpill Goldilux Ioose eyeshadow and Sugarpill Mochi Eyeshadow from the Heartbreaker palette. I used Mochi on my lids and then used Makeup Forever Aqua Cream in Gold in the crease. I blended out the crease with Goldilux and then mixed it with Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray so I could use it wet as a liquid liner. I also wanted to colour my brows in with it as well but my brows were too dark/thick so I went with the gold foil instead. I just used gold foil I picked up from an art store and stuck it down with Duo Lash Adhesive.




I used Goldilux wet and applied it to my lips and then patted Mochi in the centre of the lips. I also used the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On eye pencil in El Dorado as a lip liner.


I used Burberry Velvet Foundation as a base, Tom Ford Illuminating Highlight Pen as a concealer and highlighted my cheeks with Goldilux. The end look was kind of space agey but mint and gold will always be one of my favourite colour combinations.


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~’Eyeliner Art’ mask~ Antipodean Beauties Challenge


When I saw the ‘eyeliner art’ challenge I didn’t know what I wanted to do so I  decided to start by applying some Sugarpill Tiara loose pigment to my lids. I then picked up some black gel liner to line my eyes and, before I knew it, this just kind of happened:


I then picked up some glitter liners and a bright blue liner and ended up with this:


I used the Rimmel Waterproof Gel Liner in Black to do all the line work and outlined the whole ‘mask’ with the Bloom Glitter Liner in Rising Star. The photograph doesn’t show how pretty this is but it’s a mix of black, silver, gold and bronze glitter. I coloured in parts of the ‘mask’ using the Modelista glitter liner in Silver, Modelista glitter liner in Gold and NYX Studio Liner in Extreme Blue. I don’t even remember where/when I bought the Modelista liners but they’re great for these kind of costume style looks.


I’m not the most creative or artistic person (even though I really wish I was!) but this look was so fun to do. I can see it being part of a costume party makeup or for a masquerade ball type event. I paired the look with dark lips with the Kate Moss for Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in shade #4 on top of a black lip liner by NYX.



I have to say, the hardest thing about this look was cleaning it off at the end! Imagine panda eyes multiplied so that it’s over your whole face. I went in with face wipes and then used a cleansing balm and then went in with the Clarisonic. The glitter was quite gritty though so I had to wipe it off carefully to avoid scratching my face.

What do you think of my ‘eye liner art’? Have you done something like this before for a party or an event?

Distractions galore!

I love blogging but there is nothing worse than having an assessment due and realising that you have a blog that you can use to procrastinate. I’ve been in a very Halloween type mood lately and I just realised that all my October posts are Halloween related so I thought why not go all the way and do a special Halloween edition layout until October 31st.

What do you guys think? Am I going over board with the Halloween spirit? Probably! Just you wait until Christmas and New Years… the layout possibilities are endless!

Painting faces: Tips for more ‘natural’ looking face painting

With Halloween just a few days away I know that alot of you are deciding what costume to wear or are trying to figure out what makeup to pair with your costumes. Most people will probably just limit their accompanying makeup to a bold lip or eye but I know there will still be a fair few of you who decide to go the whole hog and paint your whole face.

Face painting sounds easy but I think that the basic rules of makeup application are often forgotten when doing it and so the result is quite flat and fake looking. I understand that face painting by its nature results in a fake look as your whole face is often covered in unnatural colours such as green or purple but that doesn’t mean your face has to look devoid of any dimension.

I decided to do this post because a few days ago I was trying to explain to my friend’s sister how she could utilise different shades of the same colour to contour and highlight her face even though she wanted it to be green. The colours she used were the same as the ones that I used for my second attempt at the lacy halloween mask look. I told her she could use the gold colour as a highlight, the lightest green as blush, the darkest green as a contour shade and the mid tone green shade all over her face as her base colour.

I was curious as to how and if I could actually do what I was asking her to do so I gave it a go. The first thing to do when covering your whole face is applying a primer so that there is a barrier between your skin and the colour and I used the Korres Vitamin E face primer. I was considering what the best way was to apply the eyeshadow as an all over base for my face as powdered products usually end up looking too sheer and offer minimal coverage. The solution I came up with was to mix some of my Diorskin Nude foundation with the mid tone green eyeshadow until it formed a thick paste. I then applied it all over my face and I was suprised at how opaque and even it came out.

The next thing I did was to take the darkest green shadow with my MAC 130 brush and contoured under my cheekbone. The problem with the colour was that it didn’t end up being dark enough so I used my MAC contour powder in Definitive and that worked well. I used the lightest green colour as a blush on the apples of my cheeks and then used the gold shadow as a highlight on my cheekbone. Here was the end result:

I included a picture in black and white so you can focus on the contouring rather than the colour.

You can hopefully see that my face still has definition even though it’s been painted. Painting your face in this way is just in line with how you normally do your makeup except the colours are completely different. If you think about it, the reason we add blush, contour and highlight when doing our daily makeup is because when our skin is covered in foundation we often loose the natural definition our skin already has. These principle still hold regardless of what colour you use as base.

The same rules of daily makeup application still apply to the eye makeup as well so I used the lightest green shadow all over my lid, the gold shadow as an inner corner highlight and a mixture of the darkest green shadow and MAC Carbon eyeshadow in the outer v and in the crease. I then lined my top lashline with MAC fluidline in blacktrack and applied my YSL Singulier mascara. I also used my Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eye pencil in Envy (emerald green) along my waterline and bottom lashline to add some subtle definition. I also had to define my eyebrows using my Blacktrack Fluidline because they were getting lost amongst all the green and my eyes weren’t being framed properly.

The eye look I went for was natural in the sense that I didn’t use colours that stood out against the green. If I had wanted to do a more dramatic look (although you can’t get much more dramatic than a green face!) then I would have left my lids free of the green base and just primed and put on my eye makeup as I usually do. I personally would have gone with an= bright purple eyeshadow if I wanted to bring the drama but that’s just me.

I decided to do my lips a classic red like that on the poster for the musical Wicked. I used my NYX Jumbo lip pencil in Deep Red and used it to both line and fill in my lips. Usually to get a crisp shape for red lips you would go around the edges with your concealer but because I used green that wasn’t really possible. What I ended up doing was taking more of the mixture of my foundation and the midtone green shadow and applying it with a concealer brush around my lips. I could also have used a green eyeliner given that it blended in with my base colour.

One last tip to remember when doing face painting is that blending is key and you need to ensure you get an even colour all over your face. Also remember to cover any skin that is showing with your base colour because nothing ruins a look more than a completely different coloured face and neck!

I hope you found this post helpful or that at the least you found it informative or amusing even if it holds no practical application for you. Happy Halloween!

Halloween Feathery/Fallen Angel eye look

This is probably the last halloween type post I’m going to do unless I’m over come with some serious inspiration in the next few days! This is another inspired look and it is based on two looks which are Miss Chievous’s Fallen Angel look and MakeupbyRisa’s Feathered explosion look. I’m including links to both below so you can go see how to do it if you’re interested.

Miss Chievous’s fallen angel look:
MakeupbyRisa’s feathered explosion look:

So I did this look on my best friend for the Halloween party we had on the weekend and I adapted both of the looks above to suit her personality. I love going OTT with everything and the more drama the better but my BFF is more of an understated gal so we decreased the drama a bit. She didn’t want anything as feathery as the video’s and so I didn’t do as thin, feathery lines and I also didn’t extend the look out as far as in both video’s.

She loves purple so instead of using the clear rhinestones that Miss Chievous used, I decided to use lilac coloured rhinestones and I also drew on lines of silver and purple glitter liquid liner in and around the black eyeliner.

This first picture is the most true to colour even though you can’t see all of the look:

This next picture shows the look a lot better. I stuck with a mixture of lilac, pink and purple shadows on the lid as she didn’t want anything too bright or out there. Please excuse the messy liner around the eyes but we were in a hurry!

She didn’t want both eyes to look the same so I went for a much more simplified look on her other eye that still tied in with the whole look.

We finished the look off by putting some black lipstick on her but it was applied more sheerly so the end result was more of a dark red than anything else. Opaque black lipstick would have been awesome too as would a dark purple.

Even though the look was a little rough around the edges it still came out great and it looked fantastic on her. This is definitely one of those pretty halloween looks and is great for those that want to look like they’ve made an effort without being too over the top. Hope it inspires you to try it out.

Lacy halloween mask look: Take 2

For those of you who read my first post on this look, you’ll remember that I wasn’t very impressed with how my attempt came out and I really wanted to try it again using a more opaque base. I went out and purchased some black face paint, a cheap set of loose green shadows, gold leaf flakes, green glitter eyeliner and some fabulous lashes and I was ready to give it another go. I was much happier with how this look came out and I only wish I had decided to go with the look for the halloween party I had on the weekend!

I love how super dramatic it came out. The black lipstick really amped the look up and tied it all together. The youtube video I got my inspiration from didn’t really emphasise the eye which was on the side with the mask but I really wanted that extra little bit of drama so I put down some lash adhesive and pressed on some gold leaf flakes and added some dramatic lashes. I also decided to outline the edges of the mask with the green glitter liner for some added drama!

The eyeshadow I used on top of the black face paint was a pot with four colours that I got from Target for about $15AUD and it came in a few different colours. Using the four different tones of green really added extra depth to the look and is visually much more interesting than just using the one colour.

While I didn’t end up using this makeup for my halloween costume, I think it would have worked amazingly with my costume as I decided to go as Medusa. I purchased a fabulously tacky black, green and purple wig and I’ve included a picture of how they would have looked together.

I also came up with the perfect complimentary nail by putting a coat of gold glitter nail polish on top of some green nailpolish.

This look is surprisingly easy to do and the variations are endless so if you’re struggling to find the right makeup for your costume then give it a go.