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2013 Favourites- Hair Products

Here’s my last 2013 favourites post- hair products! I don’t tend to do a lot of reviews on hair products and tools but I do try quite a lot and have some firm favourites which I’m sharing with you today.

Best Dry Shampoo- Juuce Dirty Deeds Dry Shampoo

I love this stuff and so far I haven’t found anything that works better . I’ve already reviewed it so check out my review for more information on it.


Best Hair Brush- Tangle Teezer

You’ve probably seen lots of reviews on this and that’s because it actually does what it says! Even when my hair is at its most unmanageable, this brush goes through it with ease and without any pain. It works well on both wet or dry hair so if you struggle to find a good brush, give this one a go.


Best Hair Treatment range- De Lorenzo Tricho Scalp Balance range

I have a very dehydrated/sensitive scalp which gets easily irritated by lots of shampoos and conditioners. I’d tried so many products that were meant to help with this (and even went organic) but nothing helped until my hairdresser recommended this range. It’s a 3 step program and, while I like the shampoo and the conditioner is OK, it’s the toner that’s the miracle product. If you have an easily irritated scalp, trust me, you need to check this stuff out!


Best Leave In Conditioner- Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream

This is another recommendation from my hairdresser (check them out if you live in Melbourne’s west because they’re so good- Soul Scissors) and I love it. It’s very lightweight which is one of my requirements from any leave in products and smells so lovely.

Best Hair Mask- Evo The Great Hydrator Moisture Mask

This is also a recommendation from my hair dresser and is the best hair mask I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried many from low end to high end. Evo make really good products with cute names and hilarious product descriptions. I own quite a few things from this line but this mask is my favourite.


Best Clarifying Shampoo- Phyto Phytoneutre Clarifying Detox Shampoo

This stuff is amazing and smells so good and refreshing. It leaves your hair feeling squeaky clean and it’s the one I keep repurchasing. It’s a bit annoying to buy though since you have to get it online but it’s worth the effort in my opinion. You can check out my full review on it here.


Phew, we’ve finally reached the end and I have to say, I’m glad this is a once a year thing because it would be exhausting to do this frequently!

Let me know what some of your hair product favourites are below


Phyto Phytoneutre Clarifying Detox Shampoo review

I’ve been MIA for the last few weeks and one of the reasons is because my friend Becks got married last weekend. As a bridesmaid, I knew that my hair would be taking some major damage from all the teasing and hairspray since beautiful hairstyles like the one below don’t just happen. I decided to prepare myself for the event by treating myself to a clarifying shampoo. I’ve been trying to decide which one to buy for a while but I finally settled on the Phytoneutre Clarifying Detox Shampoo by Phyto.

I’d never tried any products by Phyto before and didn’t know much about the brand but I set about doing lots of research. Phyto was founded in Paris in the 1960’s by Patrick Ales after he noticed the damage traditional chemical based products were having on hair as well as on the hands of salon staff using the products all day. Phyto used plants as the active ingredients in their products and the results spoke for themselves.

As the Phytoneutre shampoo is a clarifying one, it removes build up and product that an everyday shampoo doesn’t remove. Due to the some what stripping nature of the shampoo, it should really only be used once a week. I probably won’t even use it that often and would really just save this for days when I’ve had to use styling product in my hair.

The product is green, probably due to the various plant extracts including sage, witch hazel and chamomile and smells strongly of menthol due to the eucalyptus in the formula. I don’t find the smell unpleasant but it’s definitely not one of those feminine shampoo’s that you may be used to. It lathers as it contains SLS but I found that I had to massage it in quite a bit to get it to lather.

After doing one wash with this shampoo, I then shampoo and condition with my regular products. Let me tell you that one time using this shampoo will help you understand how the phrase ‘squeaky clean’ came to be! My hair has never felt so clean and weightless. I did have to add a leave in conditioner after as my hair would have been unmanageable without one.

The downside to this product is that it’s a bit pricey for the amount of product you get. I paid $20 for a tube that holds about 125ml of product. The good thing is that you don’t need a lot of product so, using this once a week, it should last you at least 2 or 3 months.

I highly recommend this shampoo if your hair needs a good deep clean but be warned that clarifying shampoo’s can strip colour if your hair is dyed.

If you have a clarifying shampoo that you swear by then I’d love to hear about it so let me know below. I’ve seen Bumble and Bumble’s Sunday Shampoo getting talked about a lot so that’s next on my list to try.

Get clean again with Juuce Dirty Deeds dry shampoo

I went to have my bangs trimmed the other week and my hair dresser used a dry shampoo in my hair that was amazing. Now I’ve used plenty of different dry shampoos in my time including ones by Toni & Guy, Batiste and Tresemme but the one she used is hands down the best I’ve tried. The dry shampoo is from the Juuce range and is called Dirty Deeds. The awesome name and cute pink packaging wasn’t why I loved this product but it definitely didn’t hurt!


The range is created by Hairjamm who are a family owned company from Brisbane in Australia. The reason why I love this dry shampoo so much is because it actually does what I expect of a dry shampoo! I don’t know about you but most dry shampoos I’ve tried make my hair feel greasier, dirtier or just like it’s full of product. This stuff on the other hand literally gets rid of the oil at the roots and makes my hair feel really light and clean again. It gives me back my volume and I don’t feel at all like I have product in it.

I only use this product on the day after washing my hair as my bangs and hair at my crown can tend to get a bit flat. I spray this stuff in at the roots and I get that volume back pronto and I tried to capture the difference for you below. The photo on the left is prior to the dry shampoo and the photo on the right is after. Hopefully you can see that my hair has a lot more volume to it and doesn’t look as piecey. Granted the difference isn’t that monumental since this picture was taken on a day when my hair wasn’t very oily but it still made a big difference in terms of styling.

The scent on the product is also quite pleasant. It has a bit of that hairspray type scent that’s a bit inevitable with dry shampoos but it also has a bit of fruity scent to it that I like.  I wouldn’t recommend using this or any other dry shampoo too many times in between washings and probably suggest sticking with 2 days max as there’s only so much a dry shampoo can do.

I purchased mine from my hair favourite hair salon, Soul Scissors (who I highly recommend you check out if you live in the west of Melbourne) for $13AU. I did a quick search online and it seems like you can purchase it with relative ease from various online hair stores for between $13-$20. I think the price is pretty reasonable as you get a decent sized can and, for something that’s actually effective, I’d repurchase for sure!

Have you tried this product before? Are there any dry shampoos you’d recommend?

DIY hair colour with John Freida Precision Foam Colour

I get bored with my hair really easily so, since it had been a while since I last coloured my hair and as Australia’s in winter at the moment, I thought it was the perfect time to add a bit of red to my hair. My thoughts of a new colour just happened to coincide with the people at John Frieda giving me the chance to try out their new Precision Foam Colour so I took it as a sign to dye my hair ASAP!


The difference between this hair colour system and other at home kits is that the dye comes out as a foam which is meant to mean no drips and make it easier to apply. I’ve seen a few other foam kits around but I hadn’t picked one up because I was dubious about the difference a bit of foam would make. I decided to go in judgment free though as I chose my shade. The shade selection is pretty impressive and I had a bit of difficulty trying to narrow down my choice!

In the end I went for the mid tone red, shade 5R- Radiant Red which is a medium red brown.

My hair going in was quite dark and darker than the darkest recommended ‘current shade’ on the pack but I chose it anyway. I often use medium tone reds in my dark hair as I love the richness and subtle red tint that’s added when I’m out in the sun. If your hair is dark like mine and you want the shade on the pack, I’d recommend going to a hair salon as you’ll need to lighten your hair first.

The pack included a bottle of developer and a pump, a little bottle of colourant, a conditioner and some disposable gloves:

This product is really easy to use and involves minimal steps. All you do is:

1. Add the colourant to the developer
2. close the lid and tilt it upside down.
3. Tilt it the other way and repeat 5 times to mix the two products.
4. Screw on the pump
5. Squeeze the middle of the container to release the foam into your palm
6. Part your hair and apply the foam starting with your roots and then applying to your ends.

7. Once the foam is in your hair massage it in for a few minutes then fashion your hair into a stylish bee hive like below 😉
8. Leave the product in for 30 minutes max
9. Rinse out the product and condition with the supplied conditioner and then style as usual.

Here’s a before and after. My hair before was very dark and dull and after it’s got a lot more depth to it and a lovely auburn tint.

My thoughts on this products are that…. I LOVE IT! I have used so many different at home hair colours in my time but this one blows them all out of the water! This system is really easy to use and apply and, as promised, there are literally no drips! When ever I’ve used the standard at home colours;  my bathroom sink, counters and floor have paid for it with big splotches of colour, not to mention my skin and the clothes I’m wearing at the time! My bathroom was literally spot free when I was done with this stuff and I didn’t have any product dripping down my neck.

I also noticed that when I rinsed my hair, apart from the initial flood of colour when doing my first rinse, I have had little to no colour coming out in any subsequent washes. This is pretty impressive when using red shades as I find them to be notorious for bleeding out colour even 3 washes after a colour application. My hair and scalp also felt good after I applied this colour. My scalp is quite sensitive but there was no irritation and my hair was still quite manageable without product. It’s important that, as with all hair dyes, you do a patch test at least 24 hours before. The supplied conditioner is good but apart from the initial rinse, I haven’t used it again.

I have to admit that I actually don’t have any cons to add for this product and I would definitely repurchase this and recommend it. I’m not sure what the exact price of this product is but a quick google search brought up a RRP of about $20AUD which is pretty standard for at home hair colours.

Have you tried this product or something like it? What do you think of it?

Disclosure: Product sent by PR for consideration only

Babyliss Pro Professional 30 Piece Hot Roller Set

I have a new obsession and it’s not makeup for once! It’s my Babyliss Pro Hot Rollers and I don’t see this obsession dying anytime soon! Before I get on with the review, let me warn you that this review is very lengthy. I struggled to find information and pictures prior to purchasing it so hopefully the info and pictures I have included will help you in your research.

I had been debating purchasing rollers for so long and had my heart set on the Cloud Nine ‘The O’ but I just couldn’t justify handing over more than $300 for it no matter how cool the concept was. Then I saw the Babyliss one on Beauty Bay for $47.40 and, with the free world wide shipping that they’re offering, I was sold!

The pod thing that the rollers sit is so space agey and I love it! The ‘pod’ has two doors which you swing open to access the rollers.  One really simple but genius feature of this pod is the swing out stand that it has at the back. When you’re heating the rollers, the arm is pushed in so the pod lies flat on the table but once you’re ready to use it and the rollers are heated, you swing out the stand so the pod is standing upright. This makes the rollers really easy to access.
The set includes 30 rollers in 4 different sizes with 6 small (yellow), 8 medium (white), 8 large (blue) and 8 jumbo (red) rollers.  I wish the colours of the rollers weren’t so primary and that they had the same colour scheme as the US version (pink, purple, lime green and teal) but I’m not going to fault the product for that. You also get 30 metal pins which are colour coded to match the roller they belong to and 15 black butterfly clips. I don’t mind using the pins or the butterfly clips to hold the rollers in place so it’s really a matter of preference.
The rollers themselves are ceramic (but feel plasticy) and have a hole on one side which allows them to sit on the metal poles in the pod which heat them from the inside out. The safety instructions that come with the rollers is really uninfromative and brief but I think all the rollers have to be in and the door shut while they’re being heated.
The pod has 2 heat settings and I’ve just been using it on heat setting ‘II’ which I assume is the highest heat. What frustrates me about the product is that it doesn’t tell you how to use it! I know that it should probably be simple enough but it’s not. This product doesn’t have any kind of indicator to tell you when the rollers are heated but only has a little red light which turns on when the product is on. You kind of have to do a bit of trial and error to figure out how long to heat the rollers for but I’ve found that heating the rollers for about 15 minutes is good. I usually turn it on before I go and brush my teeth and wash my face in the morning and then, by the time I’ve moisturised my face, the rollers are good to go.
The rollers can get very hot so avoid touching the middle part. The roller’s have a cool grip on either end which basicaly refers to the part of the rollers that don’t get heated. I would recommend closing the pod door any time you pull out a roller so you’re not losing too much heat because I’ve found that the last few rollers can be substanitally cooler by the time I get to them. The pod heats most of the rollers well but I do find that there’ll sometimes be 2 or 3 that aren’t as hot as the others.
Now on to the actual use of the roller. Everyone has their own method but the way I do it is to start from the front middle section of my hair and work back and then I then do the sides, starting from the front again and work back. That probably sounds really confusing so just look at the picture above. My preference is to use the jumbo (red) rollers for the whole middle section and large (blue) rollers for the sides and then any remaining hair at the bottom gets rolled with the medium (white) rollers. This combination of rollers you use will depend on the look you’re going for and the length of your hair so you’ll need to play around. As a rule of thumb though, bigger rollers on top will give you looser waves and more volume at the crown.
You have to let the rollers cool competely before taking the the rollers out and that usually takes about 15-20 minutes. I put mine in before I do my makeup and by the time I’m finished getting ready, the rollers are ready to come out. My friend kindly volunteered to provide her beautiful hair for my before and after shot so you can see the effect. She has lots of hair so I ended up using about 24 rollers from memory and that’s about the amount I use on my own hair. Her hair has a bit of a wave in it before but after the rollers she had beautiful va-va-voom curls! Once I take the rollers out, I put my fingers into the hair and then gently loosen up the curls by shaking them out at the roots and  gently working down.

I find that the curls I get from the rollers will stay in my hair for a few hours without product but I also have a natural curl in my hair. If you have straight hair then I would definitely recommend putting some sort of styling product through before and after to set the curl.

I highly recommend this set and think it’s worth purchasing. Like I said at the start, I picked mine up from Beauty Bay for unde $50 but this sells in Australia for between $110 to $140 which is a massive increase! The set I bought online is made for the UK market so it comes with a UK plug but a $10 adaptor will solve that problem. If you’re out of the UK or Australia, you may need a transformer so that the voltage difference doesn’t cause any issues. Make sure you research before buying it!
What do you think you of these hot rollers? Do you have a different hot roller set you’d recommend?

Tame those unruly locks with Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray

This is just a quick ‘OMG I have to tell you about this’ post because I am loving the Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray. I haven’t really liked any of the other products that I’ve tried from this brand but I saw so many great reviews on this that I decided to try it. It was really cheap and only cost me like $7 or something like that and you get a good amount of product for that price. The bottle is genius because you can actually lock the spray and it releases a great amount of product and disperses it evenly through your hair.

The reason I’m loving it so much is because it leaves my hair soft, silky, is not heavy or sticky at all and it smells great! My hair is at least a month or two overdue for a trim and has been really unmanageable lately but since I started using this it has been looking great. When I blow dry my hair it stays straight despite how humid it’s been and it looks really healthy. I’ve been getting alot of compliments on my hair in the last week and the only thing I’ve done differently is use this.

I’ve tried other sprays like this but always find that they’re too heavy or leave build up in my hair but I can use this everyday and still have my hair look fresh and weightless. I know I’ve talked this up alot but seriously just try it for yourself. It’s not going to change your life but it may just do wonders for your hair. Any product that can take the hot mess that is my hair right now and make it look healthy has got to be the bomb diggity! See it’s that great that it causes me to use really outdated 90’s urban slang 😉