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NARS Bloodwork lipgloss: Creepy name but Gorgeous shade!

I’m sure you’ve all realised by now that I love a good red lip so of course I had to share one of my new faves, NARS Bloodwork lipgloss. I used this in a FOTD some what recently but I thought this shade was way too fabulous not to have its own post.
The name ‘Bloodwork’ might put you off but I can definitely see why NARS went with it because this is definitely one really opaque (but beautiful) blood coloured red.

I picked up the mini size which came in a gift set with 4 other shades and was planning on getting a full sized version but this colour seems to have disappeared from the NARS website. I’m assuming that means it’s been discontinued 😦

I decided to still do a post on it though because discontinued never really means discontinued in the makeup world.

Just look at that gorgeous colour! It’s got a definite tinge of orange in it which has this really brightening effect and which makes it a perfect summer shade.

The gloss itself is a bit thick and quite sticky as most NARS glosses seem to be but I don’t find it uncomfortable to wear. I just find that I need to check on my lips a few times a day to see how the colour’s wearing and touch up if necessary.

As this is such an opaque shade, my preference is to wear it over a lipliner so I don’t have to continuosly reapply it but it’s personal preference. I find that I can get a good 2 to 3 hours wear out of this product if I don’t eat or drink.

If you’re a bit scared of the intensity, you can always wear it as stain by blotting the colour off or by applying a bit with your finger.

Sorry the colour below is a bit uneven because I didn’t blot the colour off carefully.

I prefer a glossier lip so if you’re like me, just put some clear gloss on top to keep the intense shine that Bloodwork has when applied more opaquely.

I also did a comparison with Chanel Dragon Rouge Allure Laque. That’s Dragon on the left and Bloodwork on the right. I really like Bloodwork but I just don’t think it has the same versatility, complexity and longevity that Dragon does.

I’d definitely recommend this shade if you get the chance to purchase it. I wouldn’t recommend it over Chanel Dragon but it’s definitely a nice red.
Have you tried this shade? What do you think of it? Also, what lengths have you gone to so that you can own a discontinued product? Let me know below!