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Wintery Holiday EOTD with Illamasqua Decadence Lashes

I love fabulous looking over the top lashes but I could never justify purchasing them because I could never imagine a situation where I would actually wear them. That’s when having a beauty blog comes in handy because it allows me to rationalise these type of purchases. I can just say ‘I’m buying it for my blog’ and then proceed to use whatever it is in a post and no longer feel guilty even if I only use it once. 

This is basically the thought process that was happening when I bought the Illamasqua Decadence lashes. They captured my heart the first time I saw them and the fact that they came in a pack with a Precision Ink in Abyss only served to sweeten the deal. I’ll save my review of the liquid liner for later though because I wanted to compare it with some of the others in my collection.
Look how beautiful these lashes are! I actually ordered the Opulence lashes which have the antique gold diamantes on them but this pair got delivered instead and I still love them so it’s all good. I wanted to try them with a look so I came up with an icy retro inspired holiday look using silver and blue.

I pulled out some products I’ve been neglecting. I used (from left to right) MAC Bare Study Paint Pot, Sugarpill Tako eyeshadow, Sugarpill Afterparty eyeshadow and Sugarpill Tiara loose pigment. The last two swatches are of the same product except the first is Sugarpill Tiara swatched dry and the last one is the same product swatched wet.

To get the look you need to:
1. Apply Urban Decay Primer Potion all over the lid
2. Apply MAC Bare Study Paint Pot all over the lid
3. Apply Sugarpill Tako eyeshadow on to the lid and around the tear duct and blend out the edges
4. Apply Sugarpill Tiara loose pigment wet to the lid and then pick up some of the same product dry on a blending brush to blend out the edges
5. You then need to use a very soft hand to apply some of the Sugarpill Afterparty eyeshadow into the crease so that the end result is a very soft cut crease.
6. Apply the Illamasqua Precision Ink liner in Abyss to the top lashline
7.  Apply Rimmel Kohl pencil liner in White to the water line and work it into the bottom lash line.
8. Finish up the look with a coat of Avon Supershock Mascara.

Here’s the same look as above with the Illamasqua Decadence Falsh lashes applied.

It’s a bit over the top but I think the effect is quite cool and would look awesome as part of a costume. I just don’t know how long you could wear them for because they are so heavy and uncomfortable to wear and I actually had a bit of trouble seeing since the diamantes start very close to the tear duct. They do photograph beautifully though and it was such an effort cutting down the images to the ones I’ve chosen to include.

I love how they almost look like delicate rain drops on the end of your lashes.

The lashes are quite fragile and I lost a diamante after this little photoshoot so they’ll be staying in the box for a while I think. By the way, the included lash glue is amazing! I think it’s actually better than Duo adhesive and I’ll probably end up purchasing a full bottle of it.
I purchased my set of lashes and liner from ASOS but it seems to have sod out there but you can still get the Decadence set from the Illamasqua website for £25.00 although that set comes with a different coloured liner.
What do you think of these lashes? Do you own a pair of fabulous lashes? If so, what look do you pair them with?

Review of False Lashes

I was recently contacted by who offered me the chance to be sent some of their lashes for consideration. I’ve only recently decided to become a PR friendly blog and I still haven’t really nailed down the details of how this is all going to work. The only thing I’m sure of is that my reviews are not going to be more favourable just because I haven’t paid for something and that I’ll always fully disclose when I haven’t paid for an item I’m reviewing or using in an EOTD.

If you haven’t heard about, they’re a Hong Kong based company who stock a wide range of things on their site from wigs to makeup and of course false lashes. I’d already heard about them because I’d seen reviews of their lashes on other blogs and had even contemplated making an order at one stage.

I can’t tell you what their shipping costs or delivery time/reliability is since I haven’t ordered from them but I can tell you that the amount of choice on this site is crazy! There are so many lashes to choose from and I found it difficult even choosing which lashes to have sent to me.

In the end I went with product ‘ES A500- ES Brand Ten Pairs Of Different Styles False Eyelashes’. It’s a pack that has 10 different styles of false lashes.

I think this pack actually has a really good selection of lashes ranging from natural to dramatic. I was only planning on showing you a few pictures of how the lashes look on the eyes but in the end I just decided to take pictures of all of them.

Pair #1:

Pair #2:

Pair #3:

Pair #4:

Pair #5:

Pair #6:

Pair #7:

Pair #8:

Pair #9:

Pair #10:

This pack sells for $7.95USD which I think is quite cheap considering I pay $8 AUD for one pair of Ardell lashes. That being said, the quality of these lashes is not the same as my Ardell lashes. Ardell lashes are made from human hair whereas these are definitely synthetic. Synthetic hair lashes are heavier and aren’t as flexible as a natural hair lash.

These also have a thicker band than my Ardell lashes but the band is thinner than my Shu Uemura lashes. I personally prefer lashes with a thinner band as I find them easier to use but it comes down to personal preference.

I still like these lashes and I think they’re a good way to play around with different styles of lashes as there’s such a good selection in this pack. I actually found a few styles that I wouldn’t normally have chosen but which look great when worn. I think these multi packs are also great for those of you who tend to wear lashes on a daily basis as it’s an alternative that won’t break the bank!

I’ll still be purchasing my Ardell Wispies and Demi-Wispies for special occassions such as weddings but I can see these lashes being used on nights out. You’ll probably even see a few of these pop up in some of my EOTD’s.

If you’re interested in checking these out then click here. I noticed that also stocks brands such as Ardell, Revlon and Red Cherry so if I make a purchase from them in the future I’ll be sure to include details of delivery times and postage charges.

Are you a false lashes kind of girl or is this a look you tend to pass on? I’m not one of those people who wears false lashes all the time but I do like to pull them out for special occassions or the odd night out.

Fake it till you make it with fluttery false individual lashes

I was looking at this picture of Aishwarya Rai and resenting her for being so gorgeous even when wearing such natural makeup. We can’t all be so lucky to have the amazing genes that resulted in that face but after I analysed the look a bit I realised that her eyes are what really stand out here.

She has gorgeous eyes even minus all the makeup but it’s really the long fluttery lashes that make the eyes pop in the look above. It’s a really simple look to recreate because all she’s really done is use a cool toned brown eye shadow that’s maybe a shade or two darker than her skin tone all over the lid and then slightly defined the crease.

I tried it out using MAC Soft Ochre Paint pot as a base, MAC Bamboo eyeshadow to set the paint pot and Urban Decay Teddy Bear on the lid and MAC Concrete in the crease. I then tightlined (check out my tight lining post if you’re not sure what tight lining is) using MAC Blacktrack fluidline and then curled my lashes. Lashes are the focus here so I used three different mascaras. I started off with my Lancome Oscillation primer then followed up with my YSL Singulier mascara and finished off with my Givenchy Phenomeneyes Effet Extension mascara.

It came out ok but that va-va-voom factor just wasn’t there so I decided to add some lashes. I couldn’t use strip lashes since the lid has no eyeliner on it which can disguise the lash band so I had to go for individual lashes.

I don’t know about you but despite how much I love the look of individual lashes, I suck at putting them on. They’re so finnicky and tiny that I end up getting frustrated and giving up. I realised that there was no way I could stick them on top of my lashes and have them look seamless so I tried another way… I stuck them underneath my lashes!

It was so much easier to get them to sit properly when I applied them underneath and they feel much more secure. I also think they blend in quite well with my own lashes since you can’t see the glue at the top. I only used the long black Ardell Duralashes for the pictures above because I was too lazy to get out my pack of short lashes to use on the inner corner. If I had used the short lashes on the inner third of my lashline then the look would have been much more natural but I think it looks quite cool as it is!