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MAC Mickey Contractor collection Select Moisturecover Duo Concealer review

I finally had a chance to try out the Select Moisturecover duo concealer from the MAC Mickey Contractor collection and I’m liking it. It’s a double ended product with a yellow corrector on one side and a coral corrector on the other side. The colours have more of an earthy tone to them so they’re actually more of a mustard yellow and clay orange. The applicator is a typical doe foot one which is standard of the Moisturecover concealers and liquid concealers in general.

This product was targeted towards women of colour who tend to have a lot of discolouration around the eyes, mouth and nose. They say you can use it as a concealer for blemishes but I think this product really excels for use under the eyes because of how the colours work together. The orange side neutralizes the purple undertones dark circles tend to have in women of colour while the yellow brightens the skin. You mix them to your liking and if you have more discolouration rather than darkness you might want to add more orange than yellow or vice versa.

What I usually do is dab equal parts of the orange and the yellow on to a palette or the back of my hand and then mix it together and then apply to my undereye circles with my MAC 224 brush. This brush is perfect as it blends the product seamlessly into your skin (I did a post on its benefits for concealing here) but I’ve seen a video of Mickey Contractor himself applying this on someone and he seems to use the MAC 217 brush.

I took pictures of my bare eye, my eye with the colours combined and a photo with just the orange colour on and one with just the yellow colour on.

As with many women of colour, my eye lid and undereye has a lot of discolouration but you can see that this product just covers it all so nicely. I can get away with wearing either of the colours on their own if I have to but the orange on its own is just a little bit too warm and the yellow on its own leaves a slightly grey cast on my skin because the purple undertones haven’t been neutralised.

The product feels nice on the skin and it conceals well so this product would easily become a holy grail item if it wasn’t for two major problems which are that
1. It’s limited edition which sucks and I think it’s sold out in most stores and
2.It creases like crazy!
If you click the picture above you can see the picture closer and see how the product has settled into my lines and that’s only after 5 minutes of wear! It also creases despite my setting it with powder like I always do with my concealers. The creasing issue is the reason why I haven’t purchased the Moisturecover concealer in years.

Don’t despair though if it seemed like I was giving you the answer to your under eye circles problem only to pull it away because the good thing about this product is that it’s easily dupeable! There are plenty of colour correctors on the market that will do a similar thing and my absolute favourite is the Laura Mercier Under Eye perfector. I haven’t hit pan on anything in a long time but I have on this so that should show you how much I use it!

I swatched some of the under eye concealers I own and you can see that alot of them are quite neutral in tone so if I appy them without using a corrector underneath they make my under eye circles look ashy. From left to right they are a swatch of the combination of the yellow and orange corrector from the MAC duo concealer, Thebalm Time Balm concealer in mid-medium, Laura Mercier Under Eye Perfector in orange/yellow, Benefit Erase Paste in no 3-deep, Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Honey and Christian Dior DiorSculpt concealer in no 3-Honey.

You can see just how similar the Laura Mercier product is to the MAC one but the benefits of the Laura Mercier one are:
1. It’s a permanent collection item
2. It doesn’t crease and
3. Both colours are already mixed together for you!
An extra benefit for all of you cool toned girls out there is that this product also comes in a Mauve/Rose colour which should be perfect for concealing your blue toned circles! As for this duo Moisturecover concealer, I’m going to try and find a way to get it to work without creasing but otherwise I think it’ll be perfect for mixing in with any of my liquid foundations that may be too pink or slightly too dark.

So what do you think? Have you tried the concealer from the Mickey Contractor collection or the Laura Mercier Under Eye perfector? Do you use a corrector or do you think it’s an unnecessary step? Also do you have a holy grail under eye concealer? Let me know below!

Diorskin Sculpt Concealer

I’ve been trying out the Diorskin Sculpt concealer and I’m not too sure how I feel about it yet. I really want to like it but I’m just not sure because it seems great on some days and then other days I just really dislike it.

The packaging is very cute and tres chic but then again it is Dior so what else would you expect? The bottle is this very opaque nude coloured plastic and I adore the little tube from the way it feels all the way down to how the lid snaps shut with this very satisfying click.

It comes with a doe foot applicator which I think is fairly typical of concealing products so not much to say there. I don’t actually use the applicator for anything other than initial application on to my skin so I’m not too fussed about it.

What I usually do is place a few dots of the product around my eye and then blend it in. I had been using my finger and using a gentle patting motion to blend it in but I’ve started using my blending brush with it and I think I may prefer the brush.

So here are pictures of my eye with and without concealer.

As you can see, it does cover up my dark circles but I also think it leaves a tiny bit of an ashy cast on my skin. I’ve found that this tends to happen with some concealers on days that my circles are extra dark (which they were on the day I took these pictures) when the product doesn’t have enough of a salmony colour in it to correct for the darkness. The picture above was taken with the product on bare skin which is adding to the ashiness as I think it looks alot better when my foundation is on. I tried the concealer on today over my Benefit erase paste which has a very peachy/salmon tone to it and the colour looked so much brighter rather than ashy.

I’ve found that the consistency of this concealer is a little bit more liquid than my other concealers so it doesn’t tend to last as long under my eyes. This is definitely something I have to set with a powder and then may have to reapply later in the day. So far I haven’t really liked the way it looks when set with either my Bobbi Brown loose powder or my Guerlain Meteorites but I have purchased the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder so I’ll see how it works with that and update later.

I think that this is one of those concealers I’ll have to reserve for days when I haven’t got quite so much to conceal because I don’t really like layering a concealer over a corrector and just prefer buying a concealer which has a peachier tone to it which I would use purely for under my eyes. This is one of those products I’m just going to have to keep using and see how it goes because so far I’m not super impressed with it.

UPDATE 13/11/10

So I’ve used this concealer for a good three months now and I’ve got a really good understanding of how it does and doesn’t work for me. As I said in my original review above, this concealer definitely has to be set with powder or it just does not stay and it creases like crazy! I can’t just use any powder though and I’ve found that my Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder is the only one that works.

The concealing routine that I’ve come up with and that works for me is to:

1. Pat some eye cream under my eyes.
2. Use my Laura Mercier Under eye perfecter in orange/yellow on the darkest areas.
3. Dab on some Dior Sculpt concealer and then gently pat it on to my skin.
4. Set with my Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder using my Laura Mercier
Camouflage powder brush.

I am in love with this combination of products and while it may seem like a lot of effort to go to, I think the results are great. I take back what I said in my original post about not liking correctors because I am in love with my Laura Mercier Under eye perfecter! It’s not heavy at all and it has really helped to eliminate any issues I was having with the colour of the Dior Sculpt. I planned to post some before and after shots but I’ll have to do them later.

Blend away those flaws

I love makeup brushes but the more I buy, the more I find that I end up using my brushes for purposes other than what they were made for. This particular post is about my Sigma SS224 eye blending brush which I initially bought to blend my eyeshadows. Now I pretty much use it solely for my concealer application and I love it for this purpose.

I used to only use a typical concealer brush when doing my makeup but I found that the edges would end up being too harsh so I would still have to do some blending of the edges with my finger. This is no longer the case now that I use my blender brush. Here are some swatches showing the differences in application with a typical style concealer brush and a blender brush.

You can see how the concealer on the side which is applied with the blender brush (the left side) is more seamless and smoother compared with the right side where you can see the edges of the concealed area. I’ve found that this technique works the best with concealers that are more on the creamy side but it also does ok with liquid concealers. This is the only brush I use now for my under eye concealing because it’s so gentle plus it ensures that you only put on a very thin layer on product.

I’ve been using my Sigma blender just because I prefer to keep my MAC blender brush solely for eyeshadow application but any eye blender brush would work great. The only thing you should watch out for is shedding. I’ve found that any time I use a natural hair brush with creamy or liquid products, the hairs on the brush will shed more than if I were using a powder product. It’s a small inconvenience considering the results but it may put some people off.

If you’ve been struggling to find the perfect way to apply concealer to achieve a flawless and airbrushed finish, then definitely give this a go! I think it’s one of those tips that really ups your makeup game and takes your application to the next level.