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Holiday gift idea- Guerlain Meteorites Perles d’Etoiles


If you’re going to splurge on a beauty product, Guerlain is always a good choice. I always find myself gravitating towards Guerlain when the holiday collection gets released because the packaging is always so decadent and beautiful. The 2014 Holiday collection, Un Soir a l’Opera (or A Night at the Opera), is gold and red and fabulous!


I had to stop myself from picking up multiple items from this collection because everything was just so pretty. I couldn’t walk away from the Meteorites though and who could blame me? The limited edition container is gold with bow on the lid, an ode to the bottle of Guerlain’s Coque d’Or perfume from the 1930’s.


The powder puff inside is a rich red shade with a bow on top. I don’t tend to use the included brushes or applicators with any makeup item but puffs especially are lost on me. They look cute but seem completely impractical and don’t tend to give an even application of the product.


This is my second Guerlain Meteorites purchase and, like the rest of Guerlain’s range, the perles d’etoile come with the signature violet scent. I’m really sensitive to scents in makeup but I love the Guerlain scent, it’s pleasant without being too overpowering. It is a very noticeable scent though but it dissipates once the product is actually on your skin.


There are 6 individual shades of meteorites in this container which range from a powdery beige to a vibrant red. There are 40 meteorites in the container and more of some shades and less of the others. The meteorites themselves are quite fragile and I had to get a new container when I purchased these as the sales woman accidentally dropped the box and all the pearls shattered. These work best when they’re intact as you don’t pick up too much product.



I was a little worried that these shades wouldn’t show up on me but the two most vibrant shades, the bronzey orange and the red, means that this does translate on to my skin. The orange reminds me of NARS Taj Mahal and the red is similar to a mix NARS Taos and Exhibit A. The three lightest shades are very sheer and the light pink is quite a powdery white pink on me.


I love how this looks on the cheeks as it gives a luminous healthy glow. The meterorites are meant to be used more as a finishing powder so, even though I’m wearing this on bare cheeks below, I prefer this over my blush. Wearing this over blush gives the blush a nice sheen and doesn’t emphasise my pores the way it can over bare cheeks. I apply this using my NARS Yachiyo brush but a slightly denser brush might give a more intense finish.


There’s no denying this product is pricey at $75 for 40 individual meteorites (that’s $1.85 per tiny ball of product!) and whether the price is worth it is between you and your bank balance! I love the decadence of the packaging and bought it as present to myself for my 30th but, let’s be honest, I would have found an excuse either way! I think it would make a really special christmas gift though for someone very lucky.

~Blush FOTD~ Antipodean Beauties Challenge


I love when I decide to photograph a look and then, by some good fortune, it ends up working perfectly for one of these Antipodean Beauties challenges! This look is one I tried a few days ago and the inspiration is makeup that I saw a makeup artist from Mecca wearing a few months ago. I noticed how amazing the vibrant orange shade was that she had on her lids and when I asked her about it, she said that she was wearing NARS Taj Mahal blush.


I love Taj Mahal as a blush and and it’s one of my ‘brown girl staples’ but I always forget that it can be super pretty on the eyes. The last time I used it as an eyeshadow was back in 2011 when I was travelling in Sri Lanka and had very minimal makeup with me so I had to improvise with what I did bring. I used it in the eye look below and, if you’re interested in what I used, you can check out the original post by clicking here.


I decided to try out a ‘blush only’ eye look and used NARS Blushes in Taj Mahal, Gina and Albatross and Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Brume d’Or. Now I should add a disclaimer here that, while I use blushes as eye shadows, many blushes are not considered ‘eye safe’. This is because they may contain red pigments and dyes which aren’t made for use around the sensitive eye area. I tend to keep pink and red toned blushes on the lid only and keep them away from the waterline and haven’t had any issues. If you have very sensitive eyes though, you might want to take more care.


clockwise from top left: Chanel Brume d’Or, NARS Taj Mahal, Gina and Albatross.

To get the look below I used:

  • NARS Taj Mahal on the lid
  • NARS Gina on the inner lid
  • Chanel Brume d’Or to blend out the crease
  • NARS Albatross as an inner corner highlight
  • Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid liner in black on the top lashline
  • YSL Faux Cils Mascara on the lashes





I applied a combination of NARS Taj Mahal and Gina to the cheeks as well to tie the look together.



I finished up the look by applying Natio Smoothie Lip Colour Crayon in Hazel to my lips. I wish I’d gone with something more orange or peach toned and actually ended up changing out the lips later for Lanolips Ointment with Colour in Rhubarb.


What blush would you use as eyeshadow?

Blush of the Day- Savvy by DB Classic Blush in Plum

Today I’ve got Savvy by DB Classic Blush in Plum. These blushes are only $5 each (and I think only available at Priceline?) but they’re much better quality than I expected. My main issue with budget blushes is that they tend to be really hard to blend, or too powdery and lack pigment. These are actually quite nice and apply well.


They come in boring packaging and the product isn’t as buttery as some of my high end blushes but they go on evenly and are easy to blend. I just apply it with my NARS Yachiyo brush and I’m good to go. The shade Plum is a lovely rosey mauve shade so it’s a little misnamed but beautiful anyway.


I actually ended up being a little too heavy handed with it when I first applied it because I assumed it would lack pigment so I had to go back and blend it out with my powder brush. I like this product and I think it’s a really lovely autumn/winter shade that’s easy to wear with multiple looks.


Guerlain Rose Aux Joues Duo Blush in Pink Punk


The gorgeous gold compact the blush comes in

I heart (yes, I just said ‘heart’ and trust me, it won’t happen again!) Guerlain products so much because they feel and look luxurious. Even though you’re shelling out quite a bit for them, the weight and design of the products makes you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself as I blindly hand over my money or ‘add to cart’. I bought this blush a few months ago and have been meaning to post about it and just never got around to it.


The velvet pouch that comes with most Guerlain products

The Guerlain Rose Aux Joues (which means ‘Rosy Cheeks’ in French according to Google Translate) is a duo blush which contains two shades- one which can be used to create a pop of colour on the cheeks and the other to be used as a contour shade or you can mix both or just use them on their own. When I talk about using it as a contour, I don’t mean in the Kim K meaning of the word but more in the Bobbi Brown way which means applying a neutral shade along the cheekbone and a brighter shade just on the apples.


The product comes in 6 shades but shade 04 Pink Punk, is the only one I really wanted because the darker shade in the duo was different to other blushes in my collection. The dominant shade is a really pretty warm pink which is almost a coral while the other is a darker plummy-mauve. The product also comes with an included brush which is really soft and could be used if you were travelling. I prefer rounded blush brushes to flat ones so I don’t tend to use the included brush.


What I found curious about this product was that the two shades had different textures and pigmentation. The top shade was smooth and picked up really easily on my brush. It’s also quite pigmented so I didn’t need a lot of product. The bottom shade, on the other hand, was quite hard and lacked pigmentation. I had to really get into it to get the swatch below. That being said, it would probably show up better on you if you’re of a lighter skin tone. I’ve swatched the top shade, the bottom shade and then showed both shades mixed below.


Due to the issues I had with the pigmentation of the bottom shade, I don’t use it on its own and usually just mix both colours together or use the top one on its own. Even if it were more pigmented, I’d find it difficult to just pick up the bottom shade on its own since the pan is quite small. You could do it if you used the included brush or something similar such as the NARS Ita brush but otherwise you’d have to pinch the brush hairs together to pick up only the smaller shade. I’ve showed what my cheeks look like without the product and with both shades mixed.

7The blush gives a really pretty flush to my skin and lasts well throughout the day but, for the price ($50 US/$62 AU), I’d have expected both shades to be pigmented and not just one. If you love the top shade enough then it might be worth the splurge but I don’t think it’s unique enough to justify the money considering almost half the product doesn’t show up well (on my skin tone at least). It pains me to leave a not so positive review on a Guerlain product but I have to be honest. My recommendation is that you definitely try this on yourself before buying to see if it works on you.

Have you tried this shade before? What are your thoughts on it?

2013 Favourites- Lips & Cheeks

This was one of the hardest categories to narrow down because I own many lip and cheek products that I love. I tend to use particular ones more depending on the season, look and event that I’m going to. Since this is meant to be a favourites post, I’ve picked the products I’m just as happy to wear to work as I am to a night out.


Favourite Lip Balm- EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm

I alternate between these and the Burt’s Bees lip balms but ever since I restocked while travelling in the States, these are what I’ve been applying non-stop. In the picture above I’ve got the Honeysuckle Honeydew, Lemon Drop and Summer Fruits flavours  but have tried the Strawberry Sorbet and Sweet Mint in the past. I really like mint so the Sweet Mint is probably my favourite but I don’t find any of the scents overpowering. The texture on these is really lovely and my lips stay nice and moisturised.

Favourite lipgloss- Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Bare Beige

I have a soft spot for Laura Mercier products and think they really don’t get the hype they deserve. They are such fantastic staple products and you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into them because they just work. I’ve always loved Laura Mercier brushes and concealing products and was obsessed with the tinted lip balms for a very long time and this gloss is now joining the ranks. It’s the perfect nude for my skin tone because it’s not too nude, it’s not sticky and I can wear it all day and my lips feel moisturised.


Favourite Budget lipstick- Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in Vivid Rose

I discovered Maybelline lip products last year and haven’t looked back. Budget never looked and felt so great. The Color Sensational range in general is really pigmented with sophisticated colour choices you might have previously only seen from high end brands. This shade in particular, Vivid Rose, is one that I keep wearing because it’s a really flattering shade on my skin tone and looks just as good dressed down as it does dressed up.

Favourite High End lipstick- Guerlain Rouge G lipstick in Garconne

Guerlain Rouge G’s are my favourite luxury lip product from packaging to texture and this shade is my favourite from all the Rouge G’s I own. It’s the only shade I can consider coming close to my fallen favourite, Chanel Dragon Rouge Allure Laque. It’s feel really comfortable and light on the lips but is packed with pigment. They are pricey but if you want to treat yourself, this is the way to go.

Favourite Blush- NARS Powder Blush in Gina

This was the blush I kept reaching for day after day in 2013 because it’s easy to wear and works well with almost any colour look. It’s give a really pretty peachy glow to my cheeks and the lack of shimmer means it looks really natural when worn. As a NARS blush, it is very pigmented but much easier to work with than some other shades because it isn’t as intense. It’s a great everyday shade and I think it would lovely across many skin tones because it’s not too orange.

What are some of your lip and cheek product favourites?

Burberry Light Glow Rose Blush

‘A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet’. Truer words have never been spoken especially when it comes to this blush. From the moment I first purchased this blush a few months ago right up until I started this post, I thought that I purchased my Burberry blush in the shade ‘Blossom’. As I was taking photos today, I noticed that I’d actually purchased the shade ‘Rose’.


I’ve been recommending Burberry “Blossom” ever since I got it but that won’t change now that I know the correct name. After doing some research and comparing both, I’m actually glad I ended up with the shade I did because Blossom (while beautiful) seems lighter than Rose so it might not have showed up as well on my skin tone.


Considering how much I’ve raved about Burberry products on my blog such as here and here, it’ll come as no surprise that I’m a fan of this blush. The packaging is chic, the colour is gorgeous, the texture is soft and the brush is actually useable (in a pinch). As with all Burberry powder products, the packaging and the blush comes embossed with the Burberry check on it. Even though I’ve used it a lot, the pattern is still noticeable on my blush.


While the product looks matte in the pan, there’s a very slight shimmer running through it. I don’t really like blushes which have a lot of shimmer or glitter in them because they tend to emphasise the pores on my cheeks. The shimmer in this blush though looks lovely on the skin and just adds a slight radiance to the cheeks.


The shade itself is a gorgeous rose colour which has a slight coral tinge to it. I have a lot of blushes but I don’t have anything that similar to this in my collection. I did a quick search through what I owned and swatched it against the two closest blushes I could find. Looking at the swatches though, they’re actually not that similar.


Burberry Rose, Guerlain Pink Punk Rose Aux Joues blush (the coral side) & Illamsqua Tweak blush

I find that the shade shows up quite well on my skin tone and think it gives a really nice rosy flush to my cheeks. It also pairs well with both natural and darker eye looks. Also, as it isn’t overly pigmented , I don’t have to be too careful when applying it like I do with my NARS and Illamasqua blushes. If you have a lighter skin tone though I would apply it with a light hand. On the downside, I don’t think it wears as long some of my more pigmented blushes but I can usually get at least 5-6 hours wear without too much fading.

6Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest drawbacks of this product is the price which, at $42 US/ $75 AU, isn’t cheap. It is a nice blush to own and there’s a good range of colours available so, if you’re looking for a new blush, I’d check these out.

Have you tried any Burberry blushes?