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Bye Bye New Years Resolution: Cherry Culture and All Cosmetics Wholesale hauls

I swore to myself that I would curb my spending this year and that I would stop purchasing so much makeup but that lasted for about a week after New Years and then I was back to my old ways. I guess it’s hard to stop spending when you don’t actually stop looking out for what’s on sale because that way temptation lies. I think I’m going to have to start hoping for an out of sight out of mind type deal and just block myself from any and all makeup sites.

Anyway, I came home from an exam today to find two of my recent purchases sitting in my room. Don’t you love when your online purchases arrive after a difficult day? It’s like a reward for making it through 🙂 I’d actually forgotten what I bought so it was extra exciting opening up the boxes and seeing what was inside.

Box number 1 contained a purchase from and I bought the MAC Pro Longwear foundation in NC42, TheBalm Time Balm concealer in Mid-Medium, MAC Mineralize loose powder foundation in Medium Dark, Estee Lauder Bronzing Pearls with retractable brush, MAC Antiqued eyeshadow, MAC 239 brush and samples of MAC 3D Copper glitter and Reflects Pearl glitter. I was also given a Loreal Bare Naturale Gentle Lip Conditioner as a free gift.

So far it all looks very promising except for the Estee Lauder Bronzing Pearls which weren’t really what I was expecting. I was thinking they’d be more like the Guerlain Meteorites and have a bit more shimmeriness to them but they’re don’t and the colour doesn’t make a difference on my skin tone. I’m thinking of holding a give away soon and I might include this in it because I’m not going to be getting any use out of it. I’ll probably put the Loreal lip conditioner in there too because this is the fourth one I’ve been given by this site in the exact same colour! I actually like it despite the weird Loreal smell that alot of their lip products contain but I still haven’t even finished one of these yet so it’s a waste for me to hang on to it.

Box number 2 was my purchase from Cherry Culture when they were having their Valentines Day sale about a week and a half ago where all their items were 20% off. I picked up all these things for about $50 which included shipping so I was pretty happy. I purchased the Milani Liquif Eye pencils in Black, Brown, Aqua, Silver and Gold, the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Pacific, Hot Pink, Yellow, Electric Blue, Purple Velvet and Rock Mountain Green and the NYX lipsticks in Snow White and Champagne. I was also given a Cherry Culture Bubblegum flavoured lip balm as a free gift.

I can’t wait to try out the Milani pencils because they get such awesome reviews plus I paid less than $5 for each compared with the $15 each that they would cost me in Australia. I’ve been looking for a really good silver and gold eye liner for the longest time so I hope these live up to the hype. I really wanted to buy more lipsticks from NYX but they have such a big range and the colour swatches on the site kind of suck so I just went with the two that I’ve heard recommended before.

Have any of you done any hauling recently? Are there any products in particular you want me to swatch/review? I’ll probably get to all of them eventually but I’m open to requests so leave me a comment below. 🙂