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Restoring Resolutions (not a beauty post)

I’ve been trying to lose weight pretty much my whole life and I think it’s formed part of my New Years resolution for at least the last 10 years. Unfortunately I’ve been quite unsuccesful because I’ll be good for a while then revert back to bad habits. I guess I always figured that one day I’d have a big ‘Aha! moment’ (as Queen O puts it) and miraculously just become super motivated and never look back.

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The ironic thing is that I did have an ‘Aha moment’ of sorts but it was more just realising that you don’t always have the luxury of waiting till motivation strikes to get something done. I guess you just have to push through those feelings of ‘can’t be bothered’ and ‘really don’t want to’ and do what needs to be done. That being said, I finally started back at the gym for the first time in months and I’ve be doing well to force myself to go even when I don’t want to.

I usually don’t write about anything too personal up here but I thought that if I put it out for all the world to see, or at least the part of the world that cares to look :), then it might shame me into keeping on track to reach my goals. My first personal goal is just to get to the gym at least 4 times a week for a month because I’ve read that it takes you about that long to form a good habit.

It also got me thinking, do any of you have any personal goals/resolutions that you’ve been putting off? Join me and name and shame yourself into doing it by putting it out here for us all to see!

Follow me on Twitter!

Okay so I know that Twitter’s been up and running for years but I’m always late to the party so here I am with my first real attempt at Twittering.. tweeting? Whatever it is, I’ve decided to try it out and my user name is BugsBeautyBlog. My bestie always makes fun of me for being a techno-noob and at the moment I have to admit she’s right because I’m feeling a bit like the bird on the right hand side in the picture below but I’m sure it’ll all make sense soon!

To haul or not to haul (and where to haul)?

I recently resigned from my job because I decided that sometimes you’ve got to go against what’s rational in order to make room for something good in your life. It’s probably a big sign that it was time to leave when the only thing I regret about leaving is not having money for my makeup shopping.

Seeing as I only have 3 weeks of income left I decided I’d let myself do one more haul but I don’t know where. I’ve been lemming after some Sugarpill products big time and their gold loose pigment in Goldilux is calling my name. I’ve also been eyeing a few NARS products such as the Etrusque gold shadow from the holiday collection and the Funny Face lipstick.

Or should I skip out on the makeup and go for the Clarisonic Mia which I also really want? Also for any Aussies that are interested, you can get the Clarisonic Mia from for $145 US and $9.95 shipping. I feel like I’m always recommending this website but it’s one of the few places I know which are legitimate, sell products at US prices and ship internationally at a good price.

Sigh, there are just too many choices for which I have too little money lol. Also I just wanted to say that I don’t expect my blogging ability to suffer despite my lack of hauls because I still have a ton of stuff I haven’t posted about so hopefully you stick with me.

A birthday reflection

Today’s my birthday and birthday’s always cause me to reflect over the last year and those that came before it. It’s so easy to feel like we’re not living up to a version of ourselves that we have engrained in our brains but this past year for me has really been about learning to let all that go.

We are where we are at exactly the time that we’re meant to be there. It’s tempting to want to skip past the bad bits and get straight to the good but often you need those bad times/experiences/relationships to show you the worth of something that’s positive and life affirming.

I feel like this coming year is going to be one full of lots of change and good things after a period filled with not so great things. I’m honestly beginning to see the worth in having a positive outlook on life and yourself and how much that can shape the way you choose to deal with what comes your way.

I know this isn’t a beauty related post but at the end of it all beauty is all just a matter of perspective and without a healthy perspective the importance of beauty often gets twisted. Learn to appreciate you for being just the way you are and everything else is just extra.

Love the skin you’re in

I’ve been wearing a full face of makeup daily since I turned 18 because I got the chicken pox which left my face scarred. I was used to having clear skin before this so it was a shock to see my face all covered in marks and I did whatever I could to cover them. It reached a point where I stopped seeing anything good about my skin or my face when I didn’t have makeup on and I hated people seeing me makeup free.

All I could focus on were these spots so my everyday makeup routine consisted of a layer of MAC Studio Fix Fluid all over my face, MAC Studio finish concealer to spot conceal and MAC Studio Fix Powder foundation to set it all. I cringe when I look back and think about how much I used to cake on my face but I didn’t know then half of what I know now.

As I get older, I’m learning to appreciate the skin I have and to look beyond whatever marks I have because good skin truly is about more than being scar free. This realisation was cementeed when I watched this video by Lisa Eldridge who is one of my all time favourite makeup artists because not only is she extremely talented but she also has an amazing makeup philosophy. Her philosophy is very geared towards looking at the big picture and using makeup to emphasise your best features rather than hiding what you dislike.

If I had been able to see this video when I first started wearing makeup then I think I would have learned to appreciate my skin a lot earlier and to stop focusing so much on the bad. I’ve reached a stage now where I apply less product but use different techniques and brushes to get that product to go further than I could have in the past. I think I’m finally learning to appreciate that old adage ‘a little goes a long way’.

There are some people I know who love to point out the fact that they think I wear too much makeup (which is always a rude thing to do when done without tact or genuine concern) but I know how far I’ve come in the journey to being ok with myself when I look in the mirror. I hope that some day soon I can stop feeling like makeup is a necessity when I go out and face the world but for now it’s like my armour that gives me just that little bit more confidence in my day to day life.

I really hope you go check out the video because it has awesome tips on how to cover acne prone skin but it’s just a great video to watch regardless.

Distractions galore!

I love blogging but there is nothing worse than having an assessment due and realising that you have a blog that you can use to procrastinate. I’ve been in a very Halloween type mood lately and I just realised that all my October posts are Halloween related so I thought why not go all the way and do a special Halloween edition layout until October 31st.

What do you guys think? Am I going over board with the Halloween spirit? Probably! Just you wait until Christmas and New Years… the layout possibilities are endless!