Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils Review and Swatches


I stumbled across these lip pencils by Maybelline by random and I’m glad I did because they’re fantastic! They’re similar to the NARS lip pencils and are the same size and need to be sharpened when they start getting blunt. There’s a range of 10 shades but I picked up the 5 that seemed like they’d work the best with my skin tone.


The shades I picked up are, from left to right, Nude Perfection, Berry Much, Pink So Chic, Light it Up and Fab Orange. The two pink shades look very similar as you can probably tell so, if you’re of a similar skin tone to me or darker, I’d just pick one of them.


Nude Perfection is a more peachy brown nude versus a pink nude. The shade isn’t too bad on my skin tone but it’s lighter than I prefer in a nude and I think it makes me look slightly washed out. This type of nude is what I usually wear as a base shade underneath a complimentary gloss shade.



Pink So Chic is a plummy pink that has a slight purple sheen to it. I think it’s a really pretty shade that works well as a transitional colour into autumn. If you’re of a lighter skin tone  or have less pigmented lips, I imagine that this shade would show up as more of a truer pink.


Berry Much is a deep berry shade and it is gorgeous! This is a beautiful rich autumn shade. I’ve been wearing this one quite a lot and have been pairing it with gold eyeshadow and black liquid liner. I think this would look great across skin tones but would just look more vampy on lighter skinned girls.



Light It Up is a nice red shade that pulls slightly warm. I think it’s easy to wear but it’s not my favourite red shade on me. I think that reds that pull more orange or more blue look better on me versus the shades that tend to sit in between.



Fab Orange is (as the name suggests) an orange shade. It pulls slightly red so it’s a much more wearable orange than some you might have seen which are just true oranges. Shades like this have a complexion brightening effect on my skin tone.



These lip pencils are very pigmented like most of the Maybelline lip products I’ve tried and finish with a satin sheen. They’re meant to be a velvet finish but they’re not as matte as I’d expect. The up side of this is that they’re really comfortable to wear but the downside is that they don’t last as long as they would if they were a true matte.


I find that I can get at least 4 hours of solid wear without eating or drinking but that drops as soon as you try to eat or drink. I took some before and after pictures above and below of what my lips looked like after I’d worn Berry Much for nearly 3 hours but having drunk tea in between and after doing a blot test. As you can see, the colour has pretty much worn off but it has left a mauvey stain to my lips.


Despite the issues with reduced wear, I think the pro’s outweigh the cons and I’d recommend them. If you want to increase the wear time, you can always layer these on top of a lip pencil which I sometimes do. The product is also really affordable at $9.95 AUD.

What do you think of these lip pencils? Have you tried them out?

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