Holiday gift idea- Guerlain Meteorites Perles d’Etoiles


If you’re going to splurge on a beauty product, Guerlain is always a good choice. I always find myself gravitating towards Guerlain when the holiday collection gets released because the packaging is always so decadent and beautiful. The 2014 Holiday collection, Un Soir a l’Opera (or A Night at the Opera), is gold and red and fabulous!


I had to stop myself from picking up multiple items from this collection because everything was just so pretty. I couldn’t walk away from the Meteorites though and who could blame me? The limited edition container is gold with bow on the lid, an ode to the bottle of Guerlain’s Coque d’Or perfume from the 1930’s.


The powder puff inside is a rich red shade with a bow on top. I don’t tend to use the included brushes or applicators with any makeup item but puffs especially are lost on me. They look cute but seem completely impractical and don’t tend to give an even application of the product.


This is my second Guerlain Meteorites purchase and, like the rest of Guerlain’s range, the perles d’etoile come with the signature violet scent. I’m really sensitive to scents in makeup but I love the Guerlain scent, it’s pleasant without being too overpowering. It is a very noticeable scent though but it dissipates once the product is actually on your skin.


There are 6 individual shades of meteorites in this container which range from a powdery beige to a vibrant red. There are 40 meteorites in the container and more of some shades and less of the others. The meteorites themselves are quite fragile and I had to get a new container when I purchased these as the sales woman accidentally dropped the box and all the pearls shattered. These work best when they’re intact as you don’t pick up too much product.



I was a little worried that these shades wouldn’t show up on me but the two most vibrant shades, the bronzey orange and the red, means that this does translate on to my skin. The orange reminds me of NARS Taj Mahal and the red is similar to a mix NARS Taos and Exhibit A. The three lightest shades are very sheer and the light pink is quite a powdery white pink on me.


I love how this looks on the cheeks as it gives a luminous healthy glow. The meterorites are meant to be used more as a finishing powder so, even though I’m wearing this on bare cheeks below, I prefer this over my blush. Wearing this over blush gives the blush a nice sheen and doesn’t emphasise my pores the way it can over bare cheeks. I apply this using my NARS Yachiyo brush but a slightly denser brush might give a more intense finish.


There’s no denying this product is pricey at $75 for 40 individual meteorites (that’s $1.85 per tiny ball of product!) and whether the price is worth it is between you and your bank balance! I love the decadence of the packaging and bought it as present to myself for my 30th but, let’s be honest, I would have found an excuse either way! I think it would make a really special christmas gift though for someone very lucky.

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2 Comments on “Holiday gift idea- Guerlain Meteorites Perles d’Etoiles”

  1. kachi
    March 7, 2015 at 6:13 PM #

    please could you help me with the name of the pressed bronzey meteorite product on the left in picture number 5 by counting the pictures in this post.

    • March 8, 2015 at 10:55 PM #

      Hi Kachi. The product is the Guerlain Terracotta Princess Powder from the Summer 2009 collection. Unfortunately they no longer make it.

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