My Experiment in Bleaching my Brows

I coloured my hair last week and went a few shades lighter and had some blonde(ish) highlights put through. I love the lighter look and the warmer tone of my hair but decided that my dark brows needed a bit of lightening up as well. Being a beauty addict, I naturally assumed that a different shade of brow product would get me the look I was after but an hour or two in the makeup department proved me wrong. Turns out my dark brows were too much of a match for any brow product to make a dint so I’d have to lighten them chemically instead.


I did some research and finally came across this post by Nikki from Curly Nikki and decided to take the plunge. I’ve never used bleach before so I was a bit nervous and kept having visions of me with burned off brows, blonde brows or chemically burned skin! Considering how worried I was, I should have actually taken the time to do the patch test but impatience is one of my flaws. If you decide to try this, definitely do the patch test first because you don’t want any reactions on somewhere as visible as your face.


I headed off to Priceline and picked up the Julienne Sensitive Creme Bleach Set for Face and Body ($11.99) but not before checking to make sure the store also stocked brow tinting products should the whole experience go horribly wrong. I headed back home with the sales assistant wishing me luck and hoping she didn’t see me back the next day to correct a bleaching fail. The package came with a tub of creme bleach, a container of powder activator and a plastic spatula. The only thing you need is a plastic palette or container to make the mixture up in.


The process was really easy and just involved mixing one spatula full of creme with 1/2 a spatula full of the powder activator. The only issue I had was that the packaging of the powder activator was poorly made and hard to open so I ended up with it all over the bathroom sink. After mixing the mixture together, it was a just a matter of trying to manoeuvre the mixture on to my brows (which I’d washed with cold water and patted dry first) without getting it on to my skin and eyes.


I was so terrified of walking away with blond brows that I only left the bleach on for 5 minutes the first time round. This had little to no effect on my brows so I reapplied the mixture for a further 20 minutes while checking the colour every few minutes. I underestimated how thick and dark my brow hairs are so, even with the 25 minutes of bleach, the change is very subtle. The picture above is of my brows pre-bleach and below is post-bleach. If you look carefully you can see that a bit of the weight has been taken out of my brows  and that they’ve gone from a cooler black to a dark warmer toned brown. By the way, I apologise for my unruly brows but I’m favouring a much more natural look at the moment.


I really love the change in shade but it means that my usual brow products were too dark and cool toned. I swatched three of my usual product on the left and three of my new products on the right so you could better see the change. From left to right- MAC Spiked brow crayon (I usually use Stud but had run out), Benefit Gimme Brow in Medium/Deep, Hourglass Brow Sculpting Pencil in Dark Brunette (this is holy grail stuff!), Maybelline Master Shape in Soft Brown, Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara in Medium Brown (loving these Maybelline products!) and MAC Veluxe Brow Liner in Redhead (which in hind sight I shouldn’t have bought).


You might have been looking at the ‘before and after’ brow photos above and wondered whether there was actually a change or whether I’ve just convinced myself there is so I put together this full face ‘before and after’. My brows have product in them in both photos and I think the difference in shade is much more noticeable here. The change is subtle but I think it definitely softens my face and works better with the tone of my hair. I’m planning on going a little bit lighter when I head back to the hairdresser in a few weeks so don’t be surprised if the brows do too!


Have you ever lightened your brows? How did your experience go?

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2 Comments on “My Experiment in Bleaching my Brows”

  1. October 9, 2014 at 7:08 PM #

    Love the subtle change. It lends a certain brightness to your face. Makes things a little less intense (nothing wrong with intense but a change is good).
    May I suggest you apply the bleach using a small soft toothbrush next time? Much easier and less messy application 😉

    • March 3, 2015 at 10:49 AM #

      Thabks for the tip but I think my brow bleaching days are over unfortunately! So much effort for such a little result 🙂

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