Savvy by DB liquid liner- Charcoal, Black Brown & Navy


I’ve done quite a few posts where I’ve used the Savvy by DB liquid liners as part of a look but haven’t ever actually featured them. I thought it was about time that changed because they’re good budget friendly options for those looking for a liquid liner. I have 3 of the 4 available shades, Charcoal, Black Brown and Navy which are swatched below in the same order. I was considering whether to pick up the Black but I already have quite a few black liquid liners so didn’t see the point. The pigmentation on these is pretty good, especially considering how cheap they are.


The ‘brush’ that it comes with is actually some type of silicone applicator that may be a little hard to maneuver if you aren’t good at applying liquid liner. I find that it gives a really thin line since the tip is so small but it can also achieve a thicker line with some patience. I compared it below to the old packaging of these liners. The old applicator is on the top and the new one of the bottom.


You can see that the old one is made of felt and is quite a bit shorter and denser than the new applicator.  This made it much easier to achieve a thicker line. The pigmentation and formula also seems to have changed. I have the Black Brown in both formula’s and I preferred the old one since it was a lot more pigmented and was a cooler toned brown. You can see that the new formula (swatched below on the left) is almost watery looking compared to the old one. The new formula also dries glossier than the old formula which was completely matte looking.


These don’t really fade on me and I can wear them all day without any problems but they’re not meant to be long-wearing or waterproof. Like I said earlier the formula is a little watery so, every so often when you use this, you may find that you’ll need to add more product here or there. I used each liner on the eye to show how they look. The Charcoal shade is a nice alternative to black and I can see myself pairing this with cooler toned eye looks.


The Black Brown should really be renamed Chocolate Brown but is still lovely on the eyes. The warmth in the shade makes me think it would look stunning with blue eyes.


The Navy is probably my favourite and I’ve been using it more and more. I think pairing this with a neutral or ‘no makeup’ makeup look is an easy way to make blue eye makeup work friendly.

7All in all though these are great little liners and I’d definitely recommend them. I hope that a purple and forest green shade are also added to the range some time in the future. They seem to only be available in Australia where they’re imported for Priceline and go for $6 each.

Have you tried these liners yet? What’s your budget friendly liner recommendation?

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2 Comments on “Savvy by DB liquid liner- Charcoal, Black Brown & Navy”

  1. December 22, 2013 at 11:25 PM #

    Great post!

    This was actually the first liquid liner brand that I tried. Found that it was easy to apply, however the liner used to flake off towards the end of the day.

    • December 23, 2013 at 8:11 PM #

      Hi Fatima,

      I didn’t notice the flaking so much with the old formula but, now that I think about it, the new formula can flake off. Hasn’t been that big an issue for me though and for $6, it’s still a bargain!

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