The Balm ‘Balm Voyage’ Palette



I was walking through the cosmetics department in David Jones the other day when this little beauty caught my eye. I vaguely remembered seeing reviews about it a little while ago on some blogs and decided to give it a go.The packaging is super cute with the retro imaging that The Balm is known for. I especially loved the mirror design inside which is meant to look like a passport photo. It’s a good size so you could actually use it to do your makeup.

2The Balm Voyage palette is a bit of an ‘all in one palette’ with eyeshadows and lip/cheek stains. There’s 16 shadows in the palette and they range from neutral shades through to some bright shades and there’s a mixture of both matte’s and shimmers. As with a lot of palettes, quite a few of the lighter shades look very similar on my skin tone and do come out quite chalky. This probably won’t be an issue if you’re of a lighter skin tone but it’s something to consider if you’re around my shade or darker.


I usually don’t like when eyeshadows and lips products are packaged together because the fall out from the shadows tends to fall into the lip products. This palette is well designed though so there’s a separate flap you can open to access the 3 lip/cheek stains. The shade range is lovely and they’re all very easy to wear shades.


On to the swatches! I swatched each of the eyeshadows by row starting with the bottom one first. Below is (from left to right) A1, B1, C1 and D1. The first three all look very similar on me except that B1 is a matte. The pigmentation on these is ok but you will need a primer. They’re all quite soft but I find the middle two shades to be chalky.


Below is A2, B2, C2 and D2. These are the brighter shades in the palette. C2 is really the shade that made me want to get the palette as I loved the intensity of the green. B2 looks lovely in the palette but has a very chalky texture so it’s hard to build up the colour or layer other shades over it. I was hoping it would be similar to Sugarpill Mochi but it wasn’t.


Next up is A3, B3, C3 and D3. I’ve been using D3 quite a lot as a lid shade with either B3 or C3 in the crease. They’re both quite similar on my skin tone but C3 is meant to be a warmer shade.


Lastly we have A4, B4, C4 and D4. These shades are the most pigmented from the range so I’ve been using them to darken up the crease. I’ve also been mixing these shades with some of the lighter shades in the palette to create mid tone shades I can use as lid colours. I often do this with eyeshadow that look too white against my skin tone so that I can get more wear out of them.


I tried out some eye looks so you could see how the shadows apply. You might have noticed that I love a bit of blue liner so I tried a neutral eye look and paired it with NYX Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Blue. I used a combination of B1, B3, B4 and C3 for the look.


I also tried out a more intense look using B2, C2, A3, C3 and D4. I paired it with a Stila Liquid liner in black. I applied C2 (the bright teal) on the outer corner  over B2 (seafoam) but it didn’t show up as intensely as I’s like due to the chalkiness of B2.


Now we move on to where this palette really excels- the cream lip/cheek stains. I’m really fussy about my cream blushes and I’m even more so when they’re meant to be used as dual products but I loved these! The shade range is spot on and I think that they’re very wearable as both lip products and cheek products. The colours swatched below are in the same order as in the palette so (from left to right) Second Officer, First Officer and Captain.


Second Officer is a lovely clear red. I’ve swatched it below and also compared it to some other cream blushes in my collection. Below (from left to right) is Second Officer, Becca Dahlia cream blush and Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon. I found the level of pigmentation and the texture to be in between both Becca products.

12Below is a picture of me wearing the shade on both my cheeks and lips. I applied it with a heavier hand than usual on my cheeks so you could see the colour. You can see how pigmented it is which is why it would work well on both dark and light skin tones. It also looks really lovely as a lip stain but I found it wasn’t moisturising and had to apply a separate moistursing product on my lips.


First officer is a really pretty peachy coral shade that sits on a white base. This means that it doesn’t have the jelly like texture of the other two shades which can make it a tiny bit more difficult to meld it naturally on a darker skin tone. I swatched it below. from left to right: First officer, Clarins Multi Blush Apricot, Becca Grapefruit and MUFE HD Blush #12


I love this shade on the cheeks and think it’s a perfect spring/summer shade. I found it a little harder to wear on the lips due to the white base but imagine it would work better on less pigmented lips. I think the texture was also slightly drier than the other two so make sure you exfoliate and carry some lip balm with you!


Last up is Captain and this may be my favourite of the three shades because I found it just as easy to wear on the lips as it is on the cheeks. It’s also just a very pretty shade which gives your cheeks a very nice flush of colour. These type of pinks, which have a hint of coral to them, are really easy to wear across the seasons. Swatched below (from left to right) are Captain, Becca Cream Blush in Hyacinth, Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon and MUFE HD Blush in #3


As with the other two shades,  this isn’t a moisturising product for the lips so you should bring a lip balm along. These products are probably more suited to being cheek products though just because it’s really hard to touch up on the go since you’d have to bring the whole palette with you.


All in all I really rate this palette and think it’s priced well at $49 AU. It would also make a lovely christmas gift if you’re stuck for ideas so check it out.

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