Give Some Hope to a Woman in Crisis with New Day Box

I love when people come up with really simple but amazing ways to brighten the life of someone they don’t know, even if just for a small point in time. That’s why I want to talk to you today about the New Day Box project and encourage you to take part if you live in Victoria (or maybe even other parts of Australia).

What is New Day Box?

New Day Box is an idea that started when one of the six founders read a story about a Canadian not-for-profit initiative called The Shoebox Project. The main idea behind that project was for people to fill shoe boxes with $50 worth of items that would be gifted to women living in shelters through out the Christmas holidays.

The day after deciding to start New Day Box, the Women’s Domestic Violence Crisis Service (‘WDCSV’) agreed to distribute these boxes across shelters and requests were received from  domestic violence shelters, housing and crisis accommodation around Victoria. Their goal is to have at least 500 boxes donated so that as many women as possible are able to receive one in time for christmas.

Why make a New Day Box?

Last year WDCSV placed nearly 1000 women into emergency accommodation due to domestic violence. Once these women, who have been living in some frightening and heart breaking situations, make the decision to flee they often leave without any items let alone things such as cosmetics and toiletries.

How can you get involved?

There are many ways to get involved such as

  • Making a box of your own along with a message of hope and support
  • providing new and unused products that can be used to make up a box
  • I found out about New Day Box after a friend posted it up on Facebook so putting the word out there on things such as blogs, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is important so that as many people as possible are aware of the project
  • If you’re a company- you can sponsor the project

Products and finished boxes can be posted or dropped off by 12 December 2013 directly at Envato offices located at the following address:

New Day Box
c/o Envato PTY LTD
Level 1, 121 King St
Melbourne Vic 3000

What should I put in the box?

Let me tell you, one of the hardest thing about this project is trying to buy things that you hope will be useful to someone without knowing who they are, what they like or what they look like.The suggestions on the website are cosmetic items, toiletries, pretty notebooks and/or pens, nut free chocolate etc. When choosing cosmetic items, the key is to realise there is no one type of woman that is affected by family violence so you can’t choose products based on what will suit a particular skin tone. Pick things that are neutral but will still work for many different skin tones. This is why you should stay away from base products such as foundation, concealer or face powder.

Apart from that, I think just spend a little time thinking about the circumstances these women are in and what might offer some comfort in such a painful time. It would also be lovely if you included a message of with your box. When making mine, I decided that I wanted something that was mostly comforting and pampering but was also full of products I would use myself because cheap doesn’t have to mean poor quality. Apart from what’s shown below, I’ve also ordered the Elf blush and bronzing duo in St Lucia and the Real Techniques blush brush to be included.


As a woman, a lawyer in the not-for-profit sector (where we assist many victims of family violence) and a beauty blogger, there was no way I could not take part in this. I’ve asked friends to fund a box or provide unused products or donate empty boxes. I’ve also purchased products so that I can make a few boxes of my own. So far I’ve purchased enough products to make 6 boxes but am hoping that, with some donations from friends, I’ll be able to get at least 15. I really hope that some of you decide to take part or at least spread the word because it really is a great cause. If you want to learn more about domestic violence click the link to be taken to the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria website.

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