Burberry Light Glow Rose Blush

‘A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet’. Truer words have never been spoken especially when it comes to this blush. From the moment I first purchased this blush a few months ago right up until I started this post, I thought that I purchased my Burberry blush in the shade ‘Blossom’. As I was taking photos today, I noticed that I’d actually purchased the shade ‘Rose’.


I’ve been recommending Burberry “Blossom” ever since I got it but that won’t change now that I know the correct name. After doing some research and comparing both, I’m actually glad I ended up with the shade I did because Blossom (while beautiful) seems lighter than Rose so it might not have showed up as well on my skin tone.


Considering how much I’ve raved about Burberry products on my blog such as here and here, it’ll come as no surprise that I’m a fan of this blush. The packaging is chic, the colour is gorgeous, the texture is soft and the brush is actually useable (in a pinch). As with all Burberry powder products, the packaging and the blush comes embossed with the Burberry check on it. Even though I’ve used it a lot, the pattern is still noticeable on my blush.


While the product looks matte in the pan, there’s a very slight shimmer running through it. I don’t really like blushes which have a lot of shimmer or glitter in them because they tend to emphasise the pores on my cheeks. The shimmer in this blush though looks lovely on the skin and just adds a slight radiance to the cheeks.


The shade itself is a gorgeous rose colour which has a slight coral tinge to it. I have a lot of blushes but I don’t have anything that similar to this in my collection. I did a quick search through what I owned and swatched it against the two closest blushes I could find. Looking at the swatches though, they’re actually not that similar.


Burberry Rose, Guerlain Pink Punk Rose Aux Joues blush (the coral side) & Illamsqua Tweak blush

I find that the shade shows up quite well on my skin tone and think it gives a really nice rosy flush to my cheeks. It also pairs well with both natural and darker eye looks. Also, as it isn’t overly pigmented , I don’t have to be too careful when applying it like I do with my NARS and Illamasqua blushes. If you have a lighter skin tone though I would apply it with a light hand. On the downside, I don’t think it wears as long some of my more pigmented blushes but I can usually get at least 5-6 hours wear without too much fading.

6Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest drawbacks of this product is the price which, at $42 US/ $75 AU, isn’t cheap. It is a nice blush to own and there’s a good range of colours available so, if you’re looking for a new blush, I’d check these out.

Have you tried any Burberry blushes?

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