Lacy Halloween Mask makeup

I was humming and hawing over whether or not to post this next halloween look because it didn’t come out that great but I still think it’s a really cool idea. I’m not going to take credit for it because I’m not anywhere near creative enough to have come up with it! The look comes from a youtube video I saw and I’ve embedded it below so that you can take a look and learn how to do it if you’re interested.

So here’s my version of the look. It’s obviously not as great as the one in the video:

The reason it didn’t come out so well is because I had to improvise with what I had on hand and unfortunately what I had just didn’t cut it. The main thing that let the look down was the fact that I didn’t have any black face paint because this look really needs a very opaque base. I could only find my NYX Jumbo pencil in black and a kohl eye pencil and ended up using a mixture of both. I also didn’t have super funky lashes like the ones used in the video so I improvised and came up with the following:

Because this look is all about drama, I layered three (yes three!) different sets of false lashes together. I used a pair of Ardell Wispies, Shu Uemura Black Focal Lashes and MAC lashes in either number 4 or 21 (couldn’t work out which, sorry!).

In the video the makeup artist used a very natural/nude lip but I decided to amp it up a bit (no pun intended) and I used MAC Up the Amp lipstick which is a very purple based pink and blended it with a beigey nude colour from Shu Uemura and topped it off with some clear gloss by Rimmel. Here’s the end lip:

The video used black as the main colour and so did I but you could really use whatever colour you want for this look. I think a royal purple would look amazing and so would a really beautiful emeral green. If I actually were to recreate this look for a costume then I would definitely use black face paint, use more gold toned loose shadows rather than the silvery ones I used here and I would definitely go the step of buying very dramatic lashes along the lines of the feather ones used in the video.

I hope you enjoyed the halloween makeup posts. At the moment I have no plans to do anymore so I hope they inspire you in some small way!

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