Eyebrow fix ups: Tips on filling in your brows

I don’t know about you but I always seem to fall victim to over plucking whenever I attempt to shape my brows. I always tell myself that all I’m going to do is tidy them up but then I just keep going until I’m left with this overly thin/shapeless line on my face! I then have to wait for weeks for them to grow out and dread stepping out in public in the mean time! Well that was until I discoverd the wonders of filling in my brows.

I’d always associated filling in brows with older women because I’d grown up seeing these drawn on brows on people my mum’s age but I’ve realised now that those were just the women who didn’t know how to fill in properly. Brows that are filled in properly should just look like your natural brows but better. If you’re a fan of the ‘no makeup’ makeup look or just simply want to ride out a bad eyebrow shape then filling in your brows is a great way to enhance your natural beauty and fill in any mishaps. Read on for a before and after and some brow filling in tips.

For the sake of the blog and to help those of you out there who have the same problem I do I’ve decided to suck it up and post a picture of my bare brows in all their un-shaped glory. I’m also including the after filling picture right after it so you can see the difference it makes. Enjoy!

I apologise for the uneven skin but my face was sans makeup except for the brows. Even filled in my brows aren’t that great but hopefully you can tell the difference because that would suck otherwise!

Here’s what I used to fill in my brows:
Laura Mercier Brow Definer in ‘Warm’
Smashbox Brow Tech Quad
MAC Brow Set in ‘Mink’
Sigma SS266 brush

What I usually do is take my Sigma brush and dip it in my Laura Mercier brow definer and use short little hair like lines to fill in where my brows are especially sparse. I then take my Smashbox Brow Tech quad and use the supplied brush to get some of the first shade and some of the third shade to fill in the rest of my brow using short little lines. I finish off by using my Mac Brow set and brushing it through my brows to keep them in place. I always make sure to wipe off the brush applicator against the side of the tbe opening so that there’s only a little bit of product on the brush when I use it or else my brow hairs stick together.

From my various experiences of trial and error when filling in my brows, these are the best tips that I can give you:

1. Use the right colour!
People always mistakenly assume that if you have black eyebrows that you should use black coloured products to fill them in but that’s a big no-no. I’ve discovered that the best shades that work for my brows are dark browns with an ashy undertone. If I use colours that are too warmed tone then they tend to stick out and look fake.

2. Always use short hair like lines when filling in.
People sometimes use one continuous line to fill in their brows but your brows are made up of lots of short hairs so try to keep that pattern when filling in.

3. Don’t fill the start of your brows too much
Our brows are usually a lot sparser where they begin and then get darker towards the middle. If you fill your brows in too much at the start then you run the risk of making them look fake and have them be unflattering to your face.

4. Always fill in your brows while looking at your whole face in the mirror.
It’s so easy to fill your brows in perfectly by using a magnifying mirror but then go and look in a normal mirror and see that your brows just don’t work with your whole face. Your brows are meant to help frame your eyes and compliment your face so always make sure you’re looking at your whole face when doing them. That way you can tell if they look too dark/thick or uneven when compared with your other brow.

The final thing I want to say is that when you first start to fill your brows in you’ll feel like they look too dark or overdone but you honestly get used to it. Your brows are the part of your face that most people are least used to seeing colour on so even a subtle difference seems alot bigger than it actually is. As with all makeup application, just start off light and apply more if needed and soon you’ll begin to wonder how you ever went without filling in your brows!

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