Back 2 Mac Mini Haul #2

I decided to do another Back to MAC mini haul post except this haul was over the course of 3 seperate visits which explains why 2 of the colours look so similar to each other. The four colours that I decided to get were Half’n’Half, Spirit, Sheer Plum and Rebel.

Here’s pictures of all 4 of them in the order mentioned above and swatches of them on my fingers:

You can see that Half ‘n’ Half and Spirit are very similar and that’s because they were purchased during my phase of wanting to pull off a nude lip. The first one I got was Half ‘n’ Half but when I tried it on at home I thought that the colour was way too pink. The next time I went in I asked for a nude that wasn’t so pink and I got given Spirit which was also not so great when I tried it on. I still haven’t worn either of these out because I think the colour on my lips is just really unflattering and makes me look really washed out. Here are some on lip swatches with a picture of my bare lips as comparison:

Bare Lips (with MAC Lip Treatment on):

Half ‘n’ Half:


I still haven’t been able to find a way to rock these but I’m thinking that I could probably pull them off if I layered them over a brown lipliner or something. I may also try putting a bit of gloss on top because the finish is a little bit too dry for me even though one is an Amplified Creme finish and the other is a Satin finish.

The next two lipsticks are from my most recent trip to my local MAC counter and I love them both. The first which is Sheer Plum was recommended to me by the MUA when I told her I was after a nice natural brown toned shade for my lips. I really adore this one and the finish is gorgeous. It’s a Lustre finish which means it’s a glossy shade that’s made to be a sheer to medium coverage. It’s very hydrating on the lips and it’s really easy to pull off. This is one of those colours that’s a great work friendly shade as it gives you colour without being offensive.

The second shade I picked up was Rebel and I chose this one because I saw another blogger wearing it and she looked amazing with it on her lips. It’s one of those shades that’s recommended as a must-have for darker skinned girls but I think it would look amazing on a wide range of skin colours because it is very pretty. I didn’t realise until I was taking the pictures but it turns out that the nailpolish I had on that day matched the lipstick very closely! The shade I’m wearing is OPI’s No Spain No Gain. Rebel is a Satin finish lipstick like Spirit but it feels much smoother and hydrating on the lips.

This shade may look like it’s very close to Girl About Town (which I included in my previous Back to Mac post) but it’s actually alot deeper in tone which is why I think it’s much easier to pull off. I’ve included the Girl About Town lip swatch below as a comparison.

I’m very excited to try wearing Rebel out somewhere soon because it’s such a gorgeous colour and maybe after wearing it I’ll get the courage to finally wear Girl About Town!

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One Comment on “Back 2 Mac Mini Haul #2”

  1. April 14, 2012 at 1:30 PM #

    thanks for this review its absolutely slendid

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