‘Shades of Pink’ eye look

I decided to do another look using some eyeshadows that are really pretty but I just never reach for when I’m doing my day to day makeup. This look uses a few pink/maroon colours with some brown thrown in for definition. I went through a major pink eyeshadow stage a few years ago but since then I’ve stopped using pinks and mainly stick with golds and browns. I’m thinking I may need to get back into the pinks because I forgot how pretty pink eyeshadows look with brown eyes.

Here’s the look:

The products I used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP)
NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Yoghurt
Bobbi Brown eyeshadows in:
-Bronzed Pink
Mac eyeshadows in:
Mac fluidline in Blacktrack
Rimmel Eye Kohl pencil in Black
Lancome Oscillation Primer mascara
Givenchy Phenomeneyes mascara
Shu Uemura Black Focal false eyelashes

So I began by patting the UDPP all over my eye from lash line to brow bone. I then put the Yoghurt NYX pencil on my lid. I then placed Paradisco on the last 2/3rd’s of my lid and Bronzed Pink on the first third of my eyelid and around my tear duct as a highlight.

I picked up some Mythology and placed it on the outer V and blended it into the crease a bit. I then picked up some Cranberry and placed it on top of the Mythology. I blended some Penny eyeshadow into the crease and blended out the edges and up to the brow bone using Seashell.

I used some Embark and darkened the very outer V a bit and also brought the Embark down on to my lower lashine and then went over it with some Mythology. I then tight lined my top lashline with Blacktrack and put some black kohl pencil on my bottom and top waterlines.

I finished up by curling my lashes using my Shu Uemura eyelash curler and put on the Lancome primer and then followed it with the Givenchy mascara. I had to comb through my lashes with a lash comb to get rid of any clumps. I finished this look by adding some Shu Uemura lashes. Here they are below:

I noticed that they weren’t really showing up in the photo so I curled my false lashes and my real lashes together and then used a minimal amount of mascara on my false eyelashes to give them more definition. Doing this really made the lashes pop.

I really liked this colour combination and I’m glad I finally got the chance to use the colour Cranberry which I’ve had for years but just never knew how to use. I always steered clear of Maroon and red based eyeshadows because I thought it gave a really unflattering tired/just been punched look but keeping the colour to the outer V helps warm up this look.

I think this is a really good glamorous look to wear out to a wedding or formal event without looking too over done. I would personally wear this look minus the black liner on the bottom water line just because I feel like it makes me eyes look too small. I would probably use a peach coloured eye liner instead like Stila’s Topaz. If you wanted it to look more dramatic you could take more embark and just apply it darker on the outer V and bring it in a bit more on to the lid and up in to the crease.

UPDATE: Go to my December 2010 post titled ‘All that Glitters is not Cranberry look’ for another pink toned eye look.

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