Rimmel Professional Finish Nail Polish- Red Award

Whenever the weather gets a bit cooler I like to wear richer shades in my hair, make up, clothes and especially on my nails. I was wearing a creamy coral colour on my nails as a remnant from summer but I thought it was time to move on and delve in to autumn. I wasn’t really liking the shades I had at home so I went nailpolish shopping and came home with a Rimmel nailpolish. I’ve never really been into Rimmel nailpolish but now that they have their ‘Professional’ range I’m totally loving them! If you haven’t seen them, this range features a ‘maxi brush’ which is basically a bigger, flatter brush applicator that makes nailpolish application so much easier.

Here are some pics of the one I bought:

Please ignore the shamefully bad application. Nailpolish is one of those things I struggle with because I never have the patience to sit and wait until it dries before doing what I need to do. The colour is called Red Award and it’s a really nice deep burgandy colour. I love it! I think it’s really pretty and a lot more wearable in a work setting than the bright purples, pinks and oranges I like wearing. The polish applies really smoothly and the bigger brush means that you can pretty much cover your whole nail in one swipe.

You can see how flat and wide the brush is especially in comparison to a standard nail polish brush. The one I used for comparison is from one of my China Glaze bottles. I also have another colour in this ‘Professional’ range from Rimmel but I haven’t really seen any other colours that I want. I really hope that they release more colours in this range because they only have a handful at the moment and they’re mainly really safe colour choices. This means there’s a few light pinks, golds/bronzes and nude colours. Come on Rimmel, bring on the brights!

All in all this product is still definitely worth a try.

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